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What is the best way to fall out of love?

Asked by lenny (80points) February 27th, 2008 from iPhone
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Start seeing other people.

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I would like to know.

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Dont try to “still be friends” for anything.

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If you can fall out it, was it love in the first place? Purely out of curiousity, why would you want to? Someone unattainable?

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yes very much unattanible

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Lots of luck. 35+ years ago I found myself in love (with the passion of the sun and stars) with a women I couldn’t have. She knew, I knew, but it wasn’t to be. I still think of her to this day. And feel about the same as I did back then. You may never forget her/him, you just have to get over it or, as I did, live with it! Good luck!!

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Well, often people fixate on someone they know they can’t have as a means of avoiding relationships altogether. Maybe try turning your attention toward someone who has shown some interest in you in the past, or at least someone you can start fresh with. Make it low risk, like a practice relationship, so you can concentrate more on becoming comfortable with other people.

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Do something for someone else. Volunteer. Do anything to take your mind off of her.

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Yeap very bright future indeed

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I say never give up on love. She/he can realize your love and fall for you. Wait and see. Be persistent, but not too much. Chill. True love finds everyone. We just have to have all the right ingredients for the recipe.

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not true, im in a situation where we broke up and I was doing crazy things because I’m still in love a year later, there’s a point where you have to give up or else you can’t find happiness

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but what do you mean be persistent? How? We can’t even talk

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Thank you guys

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There isn’t one person for you. There are lots of people out there with whom you can have an amazing connection. Realize that. Try not to fixate on the one you love. And one day—let’s hope—you will realize that there’s someone else you could be happier with. Not just as happy: happier.

Good luck.

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“The best way to get over somebody is under somebody else.”

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Distant yourself from the person and have NO CONTACT with them. If you can try not to have the same friends also but that doesn’t work out most of the time. So just ignore em!

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It took me about five years. It was all about time and distance. I’m glad we didn’t stay together, I was glad then, it wasn’t the life I wanted. If we’d have gotten married I would not be happy. We’d probably be divorced and I’d have a child. However, the heart has its’ own agenda and sometimes the brain can’t do anything about it.

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I don’t think there is a way you fall out of love. You either do or you don’t. I believe there are some things you can do to get someone to fall out of love with you, but I don’t believe there are tactics for falling out of love.

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What about getting into situations that put you into contact with new members of the opposite sex (or the same sex if that’s your thing) that you might have more in common with than the one you’re trying to forget? If you found someone you like better maybe that would change things.

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It will just hurt you to talk to them, stay with your friends and have some fun, it will make you better and not think of things, it helps a lot.

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go out and people watch. look at the beauty in everyone. should inspire you to go out and mingle. saturdays in the shopping district or fridays in the financial district work the best for me :)

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Maybe the best way to fall out of love is not to lose the love, but to stop being attached to the object. Your love isn’t about the object (the actual specific person), it’s your ability to love someone, and it can be applied to others. Trying to deny your willingness to love blocked objects doesn’t help – just accept you could love them but it’s not happening with those objects now, don’t get upset about what just is, and be free to love others even more.

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try to stay busy at all times. find something to do, whether it be with friends or family. do not text, email, call, talk in any form with that person your trying to fall out of love with, i know its hard to do but you can do it. you never know, while trying to do that you might find someone else thats even better. worked for me and now i’m going to marry the person i met afterwards, we ended up going through the same situation and were able to be there for each other to get through it.

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