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I am an athlete and do plenty of strength training but am looking for a way to increase my speed and endurance when it comes to running. Any advice?

Asked by bman23345 (28points) February 27th, 2008 from iPhone
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yeah I play football and what u should really work on your explosion get a runnig parachute and maybe a weighted vest and literally in no time your endurance stamina and every thing will have greatly improved

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Run everywhere you go. If you’re going from the living room to the kitchen, run. If you’re going from your house to your best friend’s a block away, don’t take the car, RUN!!

It helps a LOT. I was really out of shape and received that suggestion and within a couple weeks I was much much better, and could run much longer than I ever could before.

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plyometrics training

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find a track, and do repeat 400’s, 6 of them, at about 10–15 seconds plus your best (so if you can currently run 60 seconds, do 6 at 70, but if your best is 80, drop it down to 95).
if you’re not really into timing yourself, just do them at “90%”
remember to warm up and stretch first, and do cooldown afterward.

another great workout is split 800’s (usually three of them)
500, then 30 second rest, then 300, then a full rest (2–3 minutes, do a slow jog to keep your body warm and not cramp up)
then 600, then 30 second rest, then 200, then full rest
500, then 30 second rest, then 300, then a full rest

for endurance, find a good bit of woods or fields that has trails on it, and go out for a long run (30 min – an hour, or 4–10 miles)

the best thing to do is just make sure you run at least 4 times a week.

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You can always do workouts with telephone poles to build speed (interval training). i.e. jog the distance of two telephone poles, sprint one… then build it up slowly until you can sprint 3 telephone poles and you only jog one at time.

The only downside to interval training is that it hurts. There’s no way to avoid it.

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Interval training, from what I’ve researched before, is a good balance to develop both speed and endurance within a shorter amount of time compared to traditional steady paced running/training. I’ve tried it with running and I’ve learned that through consistency and regular training, you get good results faster.
A type of interval training, Fartlek focuses on the aerobic conditioning and can be adapted to the needs of the individual by mimicking activities in your given sport. That’s a plus since you’re also developing muscle memory for your activity.

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