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Does anyone think that these presidential canidates are worthy of being president of The United States? Do any of you really want these people to be our leader?

Asked by mdmsupra (5points) February 27th, 2008 from iPhone
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The short answer is simple: yes, and I have swallowed the Kool-Aid and cast my primary vote for Obama. He has demonstrated a degree of honesty, character, and bipartisanship we havent seen since Eisenhower. Certainly, I think questions about his experience are legitimate, but given that this country needs a serious shot in the arm, I think only Barack can supply that. You hear that Nader?

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I certainly believe the excitability of Obama. He is someone that represents change fully. Also, all for a transparent government. The government must answer to the people. Not enriching each other with favors, taking money to represent justice. Lobbyists own the senate. Most senators have been like whores accepting the money of their lobbyist pimps to their whoring(passing bills that are interest of the big spenders). The people need an account of what’s going on in Washington.

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I have confidence in Senator Obama. After watching his campaign go from a standstill to a roaring train of momentum, I cannot help but be impressed. I’ve looked into his past political experience (Library of Congress), read his books, and watched debates. I have never been to one of his speeches, and therefore have not been swayed by rhetoric.

Action and ability are more important; words are good for diplomacy. Senator Obama is a very capable, wise, and knowledgable candidate. He also has the proven ability to get citizens involved with their government. Americans need to stop letting the governent lead them by the nose; they should be more like the French and raise hell when the government is out of line. This is the “hope” and “change” Senator Obama is talking about.

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Yes, I think Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain would all make good presidents. It’s a tough job, and it’s probably bigger than any one person. But those three seem like good candidates for the job.

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Yes, I would LOVE to have H Clinton as my President.

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I’m with the majority of Flutherites and the majority of Americans in my opinion that Barack Obama will make a fantastic president!

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