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Do you get on better with your family or your friends?

Asked by partyparty (9162points) December 27th, 2009

We are all born with family, some we get on with and some we don’t. But our friends are our own choice. Who do you get on better with – friends or family – and why?

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I do not have many friends at all….lol

and I have little family, so I will go with family on this.

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My friends. I have no control over who my family are, and it just so happens that they are horrible. They are constantly fighting, and they get into huge arguments which result in opposing factions not talking for decades. I’m sick of trying to remember which family I’m “allowed” to talk to, and which family I’ll end up being excommunicated for talking to.

My friends are so much better. They are actual decent human beings, unlike the group of whiny psychopaths I have for relatives.

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I would say I get along with both fairly well, although my ex-wife and I did get a divorce. Does that count? : )

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your family will always be there for you and you should always be there for your family but you can connect with your friends better from my experience anyways. and friends tend to have more fun

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I don’t have many friends but the one I do have is very special and I can be completely honest with her…and she totally accepts who I am…that’s real important to me.

I have a lot of family and they are great, some closer than others… but I find that honesty is more difficult with people that live in such close proximity and with whom have judged me quite severely in the past….

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I have always been a people person, so my answer here is both. i have a great family on both sides and a ton of friends.

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It’s a shame, but really I get along better with my friends most times. I “love” my family and they’re always first… but my friends seem to be people who really know me better and care about me unconditionally. My friends are my chosen “family”, which makes them special in a different way.

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Friends, the few I have. You pick your friends, you’re forced upon your family.

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What is this “family” of which you speak?

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Friends for intimacy and caring, but my sibs and I do share a wicked sense of humor that gets us over some of the hard stuff. I also have a cousin or two that I would take a hit for.

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My friends generally. I get along fine with most of my family one-on-one.

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Without a doubt friends. I appreciate my family, but wouldnt say we ‘click’ (short and not too infrequent visits are best). Friends are friends because we click.
good thing i was able to run away to my friends House for a couple of days during this holiday!

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I didn’t get to spend any time at all this Christmas with my children or grandchildren, since they live about 1,200 miles away. I got melancholy a couple of times about that, but I love my “life penguin” ( my wife, Vicky ) so much that being with her made up for a lot of it.

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I get on very well with both. Given the choice to spend time with one or the other though, I would choose my family every time.

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Neither. I get along best with my 1938 ULH.

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I get along with friends more, because I don’t see them every waking moment of the day. Somehow, it seems that when you spend so much time with someone, they begin to get very annoying.

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The only person ive ever had issues with in my family is my father. Im very close to my mothers side of the family and have a great time every time we’re together (which is pretty often). I love my friends too, most of my friends here in NYC are from my childhood (Elementary school or before) and are considered part of my family.

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My family ARE my friends. Sad but true.

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My family!

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Its a shame I’ll get along with people I probably will never see. Those people being my online friends.

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i get along better with my friends because most of them are open minded and don’t try to force me into their mold…

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I get along with my friends better but I don’t feel like I belong with either.

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I love my family, but I get along with friends for longer stretches of time, without fights.

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@Judi There is not a thing wrong with that! My sister is my best friend. I have friends that I consider family but it doesn’t compare to the real thing!

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I do not not have any contact with blood Family anymore .

So; my Family is my extended family thru my friends….. which we are quite close .

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I get along with everybody, honestly, except the occasional recalcitrant teenager.

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They’re about the same. I get along excellently with both.

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Well, to me, you call them friends because you seem to get along well with them, and share interests and time together: So, by definition, one would have to be getting on well with friends mostly anyway.
If you were to ask: ‘Do you get on better in public arenas (generally) or in your domestic arena?’ then you’d have a genuine Q.

To answer this latter, when I was younger, growing up, I used to think I got along very well within my family arena, including extended family… but since marriages and having family of my own, that has hardly been the case.
So there are two completely separate stages of my life re this topic!

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Well, it depends on the individual. I get along with all of them mostly, just in different ways. I love my mother and do fun things with her, but don’t “hang out” with her the way I do with my friends. Also, the only person I’ve ever gotten enraged at is my father, but I still enjoy spending time with him.

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I make it a point to get along with family members, but they aren’t who I would choose as friends.

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The only family I care to be around are 1) my son and 2) my mom and I love and get along with them both. But my only ‘real’ friends are online friends and I love many of them as I would family. After all “Phillis” is my big sister! I’ll love her always!!! (((hugs))) for ya Sis

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friends. i do love my family very much, however i would rather hang out with my friends because I have more fun with them somehow. I live with only my parents and sister. All they want to talk about is my grades, and my sister is too busy with boys. I make divide my time so I spend time with my family, but also bond with friends. :]

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I get along with family members and friends equally well. I’m a very likeable and easygoing person.

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@Bluefreedom That’s really lovely. Do you think you get along equally because you are easygoing?

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@partyparty. I’d say that’s the biggest part of it. I’m really patient by nature, I have a slow fuse when I get upset, and I’ve always had an outwardly friendly disposition almost all of the time.

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