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How do I wash the inside of a backpack?

Asked by mowens (8379points) December 29th, 2009

There was an incident. An explosion of body wash inside my book bag. Can I put it in the washer and drier?

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Yes – you can turn it inside out and put it in the washer as long as there is not leather or suede on it.

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Wipe up as much body wash as you can. Turn the backpack inside out if that is possible. Put in washing machine if it can get in. Make sure all metallic things that can be removed are removed so as not to damage the washing machine.

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the zippers?

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There should be no problems with the zippers. (Um, how big are the zippers on your bag?) I was thinking more of the metallic clips that may hang from the bag.

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Zippers will be fine.

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If it is just a cloth or canvas bag, throw it in the washing machine and let it air dry. I have had oranges squish, shampoo and toothpaste leak, all sorts of things. It washes right out.

Leather bags will have to be done by hand. Just turn it inside out and wipe with a damp cloth. I use Armor-all on the the leather surfaces when my leather bag starts to look really ratty. I have also used saddle soap which works really well but has to be buffed after the surface is cleaned.

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I think the question could be more accurately worded: “How do I rinse the inside of the backpack?” Sounds like the ‘wash’ part is going to be pretty well handled by the spilled substance.

In any case, the advice given will work: Open it up, invert it if you can, wipe up with paper towels or rags what you can reach by hand. Assuming it’s a washable material (not leather), remove all of the removable parts and attachments (make sure all the pockets are empty!), and wash it in a washing machine. I would air dry rather than use a drier, but a drier on low heat might work okay.

If it’s leather, then do the rinse by hand and definitely air dry.

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I would avoid the dryer altogether. Better safe than sorry. And all it costs is a little extra time. I assume you can live without it for a few days.

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Since it is body wash, you could probably just run it through the rinse cycle. If you do wash, don’t add detergent or you may have bubbles flowing out of the washer.

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Good point.

I was thinking about it, and it is a large backback for carrying laptops. I NEED it for tomorrow. Should I just buy a new one or try washing it?

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