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What are three jobs that you would never do no matter how much money/success/power you were offered?

Asked by Simone_De_Beauvoir (38980points) December 29th, 2009

For whatever reasons, we may find certain professions deplorable or something we wouldn’t be caught dead doing. What are those 3 jobs for you and why do you think you have such a strong reaction towards these professions, if any?

Personally, I would never become a soldier, a pharmaceutical rep or work in advertising. Reasons being: I wouldn’t want to be ordered into wars I do not support, I wouldn’t want to take advantage of patients when they need the truth most, and I wouldn’t be able to lie for a living just to sell a product. Now, you may think these jobs are perfectly fine and necessary and your uncle’s brother’s cousin does it and they love it – great, they’re just not for me.

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Coroner, proctologist, and Honey Wagon Operator!! Reasons should not require much thought.

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@cruiser What’s the last one?

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir the person who vacuums out Porta Potties in July!!

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Septic tank cleaner. child abuse officer. delivering of pizza.

First, i am a very clean person. i do not envy people that clean out septic tanks. this speaks for itself.

Second, my police department never allowed me to work in child abuse. they knew how much i hated these offenders and would probably land in jail myself.

Pizza boy delivery! no amount of money could make me deliver a pizza at night in a project area. you’re a sitting duck for robbers.

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I could never be a waitress, a nurse or work in sales.

I don’t find these professions deplorable, I admire waitresses and nurses. sales people not so much ;) It would be very difficult for me to be a waitress. I just don’t think that I could handle rude customers on a daily basis.

I could never be a nurse. I’m very emotional and it would be difficult for me to work with people in pain on a daily basis.

I’ve worked sales. I hated it. I just can’t bring myself to force a product on someone that isn’t interested.

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executioner, soldier, rep

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@ragingloli executioner, that’s a good one…

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Nurse, soldier, surgeon

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Airline ticket counter agent/TSA Officer… especially now for obvious reasons
Electric Utility shutoff/meter puller… people don’t pay their bills and yell at the guy who comes to turn off their service

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A politician, I just couldnt Lie and cheat and finagle enough!

Coroner/Pathologist (I just couldnt do it) , I’m not squeemish as such, and I’ve actually attended one autopsy while serving in the army but as a job? no thanks.

Any kind of Animal trainer – I wouldnt have the patience for it.

I can actually think of more jobs I’d never do…...................but you only said 3.

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working with the incontinent elderly in a care center, anything involving being cooped up indoors all day, taxi/bus driver. The first one is pretty self-explanatory, the second is in line with being forced to sit in a cubicle in closed building all day, and the third, well, although I like driving, doing so with god knows what kind of people riding behind you sounds absolutely horrid.

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I can’t name three specific jobs but I couldn’t bring myself to do anything that involved killing animals (unless it was vetenary work where, obviously, there are times when you have to put animals to sleep for their own good). for example, I could never work in an abattoir.

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Anchor/Host for Fox News, Televangelist, Criminal Attorney

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Hit woman ~ because I couldn’t kill someone just for money, Customer Service Rep ~ because I don’t deal well with a&&holes, School Bus Driver…needs no explanation…

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“no matter how much money/success/power you were offered?”
Money, success and power changes everything.

Depending on how much.
I am game for anything. The more I make the sooner I can get out of the business.

But, to be successful. I would have to believe in what I was selling/pushing.

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Coroner, Politician, Proctologist

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haha, I like that the profession I want has been mentioned multiple times. I want to be a nurse, preferably in the colorectal field.

I think there are a lot of jobs I would never do.
Soldier is definitely one of the top on the list, I could never commit myself to something I don’t believe in.
Anything that has to do with religion, even as a school teacher in a religious private school. I would hate that.
And I’ll say the same as someone else, a big pharma company…which is funny, because I’ve actually applied to quite a few of them. I would never want to be a higher up, but being a low key worker wouldn’t be bad. (I applied as a pharmacy technician)

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As I suspect that you are opening this up to legitimate professions only I’m struggling as we all have a price so to speak, I guess I’m a sell out, lol. There are things I obviously couldn’t do that are illegal like run a child porn website

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Politician – I could never be that dishonest, greedy, and selfish
Attorney – I would never want to be that reviled, ever
Air Traffic Controller – no one should ever have to be subjected to that massive amount of stress while on the job

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Adult film star – I’d like to avoid that sesspool…at all costs.
WWE wrestler – I just couldn’t respect myself or expect any woman to take me seriously
Celebrity bodygaurd – There are few people outside close friends and family I would take a bullet for and Paris Hilton is not one of them.

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Gay Porn star

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- Cleaning
– Working in a store
– Something with telephones

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Any slaughter factory job, like the people who cut beaks off baby chickens. That sh*t is disgusting. Also Prison Guard and Street Prostitute would be pretty harsh professions.

@Ansible1 You just named some jobs I wish I had!

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Pest control
Sex worker
Most anything at the Dept of Social Services

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For the same reasons as @Simone.

Septic Worker
I have a limited stomach for that.

See above answer.

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Estate Agent, (selling real estate), MI5/M16 unless it were as a double agent, corporate lawyer, evil, evil, evil and of course anything involving, marketing, killing for money, debt collecting, repocession, et cetera et cetera, oh and weapon development

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Work in a busy inner city hospital emergency department (again).

@casheroo I am a nurse in the colorectal field and it is a great and very rewarding job

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Gambling industry, Drug industry & Sex industryLOL!
In other words – all big money industries!! Isn’t life Ironic??!LOL

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Too many specific jobs to list, but I can say I would never work in

1 – the sex industry
2 – any job dealing with death
3 – any type of waste removal job (septic tank, garbage, roadkill although I guess roadkill fits in #2 as well, etc.)

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soldier, politician, sex worker

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Most of the jobs I would never do have been stated—law enforcement, anything that required killing, politician.

3 other jobs:

1. A personal assistant to a famous person/celebrity. I know a few people who do this. They seem to detest their jobs and be stressed and unhappy.

2. A professional gambler. Way too much stress.

3. Insurance. Because I actually have a conscience.

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Bodyguard I can’t see myself taking a bullet for anyone unless it’s family or a family-like friend. Certainly don’t want to put myself in harm’s way for the money.

Armed anything Forces, Security, etc. I don’t want to have a gun as part of my job description. I might have to use it. (with much respect for those serving in the military!)

Ice Road Trucker I’ve had all the death-defying adventure I need in this lifetime. Don’ want no mo’!

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* Any position requiring social contact with others. Autism.

* Any position directing the activities of others. Autism.

* Any position involving the enforcement of societies rules. Autism.

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Kamikaze pilot.

Porn star (especially gay, but straight too).

Enforcer for a criminal gang.

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1. suicide bomber (the retirement plan sucks)

2. anything that smells bad (I have very sensitive olfactory nerves) but I used to own a kennel and picked up tons of dog poop.

3. lifeguard (too much responsibility, what if someone drowned in my pool because I didn’t see them in trouble)

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Blow, Hand, or Rim.

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Teach school- any age kids would be horrible. I couldn’t do it. I totally love and respect people who can.

Anything to do with poop. Cleaning septic tanks, port o potties etc.

Cleaning a crime scene. Gross. And sad.

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@knitfroggy one of my best friends is a forensic scientist and she does the crime-scene thing. Some of the things she’s told me – either harrowing or stomach-churning.

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Police officer – I like some of them I could just never be one of them. The camaraderie and excitement of the job looks great; I just couldn’t be the Man because I’ve been on the other side of the line for so long. Plus the sight of my own lights and sound of my own siren would have me so jumpy I wouldn’t be good for much.

Actor – I have issues with being on stage, especially when required to do something that doesn’t involve playing music.

Dancer – Same deal, except more so because I feel most self-conscious when I dance. Can’t do it in front of others unless I’m wasted.

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I would never be a soldier – I won’t follow orders simply because the ones in charge has more bling on their uniforms.

I would never be a pimp – I will not exploit other human beings for my personal gain.

I would never be a politician – My personal ethics and sense of responsibility won’t permit me to stoop as low as it takes to get ahead in that games.

I would never last as a telemarketer.

I admire but could never be a veterinarian.

I could have been a physician but I chose research instead. – less stress

I would never be a professional criminal – I hate to hurt people for my own gain and I would detest my coworkers and supervisors.

I clearly can’t count to three!

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1. Alaskan King Crab fisherman- too much water
2. Saharan Tour Guide-too little water
3. Dept. of Sanitation- I couldn’t drink water ever again
The Chief Sanitation Officer might work if I was stationed at the Atacama Desert.

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@Dr_Lawrence – If you can’t count to 3, please don’t ever prescribe medicines for me or take my blood pressure!!

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A world-ender.

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Hmmm, most of the stuff on Dirty Jobs

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