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Does anyone have a good way of getting rid of psoriasis?

Asked by jctennis123 (427points) December 29th, 2009

If anyone has experience using anything to get rid of psoriasis could you please share?
Personally I have tried the vitamin tumeric, which some have had success with but I did not. The dermatologists has prescribed these cortisone type of creams which did not work and are probably unhealthy due to the steroids in the creams. Also I got this cream off the internet which helped remove some of the psoriasis but has not helped the psoriasis on my elbows. I am not usually stressed so that is not a cause. Also I have noticed that when I eat eggs or a lot of sugar/sweets the psoriasis get worse. But if anyone has a psoriasis remedy could you please share?

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I knew someone who swore by Emu Oil for helping with psoriasis…A link provided below, but i would check the site more before making any order, should you find it of interest. Worth searching google on emu oil further though maybe.

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My doctor was very clear what type of lotions could be used for psoriasis. Eucerin Cream (not the lotion) is one that works well. It is thick and oily but works (also expensive but lasts awhile). My doctor also said that in Winter months you should not use soap to wash your psoriasis areas because it drys them out, also not shave those areas.

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The treatments for psoriasis depend on the severity. Traditionally, doctors start with creams and phototherapy, then advance to more significant topical, oral and parenteral medications if the initial treatments fail.

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I’m interested in this…as my son has very dry and sensitive skin and his father has psoriasis. I use steriod creams on my son too and notice that sugar also makes it worse…I’ll be interested to see what other people think. It does make you wonder though whether it would totally clear up if certain foods were eliminated altogether??? from the inside out and all that…

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Emu helps but only a qualified Dermatologist can really help you. My Husband has Psoriasis and I have Dementias. The Laser treatments are not very affective. We see Dr Paul Contrad he is Broad certified. Do not consult with Physician’s assistance they do not know enough to solve anything complex. Especially when it comes to Dermatology.

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I’ve had psoriasis most of my life (on my knuckles, my knees, behind my knees, and my toes). Nothing has worked except for “Taclonex”. It’s expensive, but it’s gotten rid of my psoriasis completely.

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I use a Fluocinonide cream, and it does very well.
But my niece has had great sucess with tanning booths!

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@philosopher ~Being broad certified may be an advantage but in this case Board certified may be more relevant.

Psoriasis takes numerous forms as well as a wide range of severities. Advice from other sufferers may be informative but a qualified medical consult with a Dermatologist may shorten the duration of your suffering by starting with the correct diagnosis. I am not an MD, I have a PhD.

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