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Dating site for people with physical disability?

Asked by pallen123 (1519points) December 29th, 2009

Anyone know what the best and/or largest dating site is for people that have physical disabilities?

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I have no idea, if these sites are the best, I looked over them quickly. I Googled them, and quite a few sites came up, these were at the top of Google.

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Disaboom has a dating area.

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My fiance is disabled, and I met her on a plain old dating site.

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Thank you all. @pdworkin, that’s what I was wondering—whether the mainstream sites have just as many or more individuals with disabilities. It’s for my mother, who later in life has lost use of her legs to MS, and who is interested in possibly meeting someone facing similar challenges.

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I was looking for a person, not a physical ability. I didn’t seek someone with a disability, I just sort of got to know a person with a disability and after a while it just didn’t seem to be an issue. Now 8 years later, I am a very happy and lucky man, deeply in love with a very accomplished woman. Her disability is trivial. (She is fully blind.)

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think that these sights are awesome , and as a person with a disablitily who works for a person with a disability i encourage anyone to look at these sights….

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Hardest thing has been and still not found it. Is someone of the opposite sex to hang out with for fun or anything else. Accident to and one half years ago. What’s up with that?lol

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