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Is this night-guard supposed to feel like this?

Asked by nebule (16452points) December 30th, 2009

I’ve recently been fitted for and been given a night-guard (for clenching my teeth during the night) and it is slightly uncomfortable…

I’m not just talking about the obvious strange feeling of it being in my mouth..I’ve kinda got used to that… but my back teeth and gums seems to throb after having it in for a few minutes. I’m also having more headaches rather than less and have had shooting pains through the gums of the back of my mouth…. In terms of sensitivity that’s gotten a little worse!

Some of you may remember that I’d been to my dentist and thought they were incompetent anyway… so I’m a little more worried now…

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You really should go back to whoever you got the night-guard from and tell them about this. It’s just not right that you’re feeling worse with it. I don’t wear one, but I know several people who do. I’ve never heard them complain about theirs.

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I had one fitted some years ago. I tossed it out as the discomfort was not worth the benefits.

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I’ve been wearing one for years. It felt strange in the beginning and now I can’t really sleep without it. I never had the pain from it you describe. Go back to the dentist, Lynn, or get another one (dentist, I mean.)

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My daughter hated the one the dentist made, but has no problem with the ones that you can get at the druggist, which is what the new dentist recommended. It’s similar to the kind you wear when you play field hockey, only less bulky.

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Yep, sounds like a bad fit to me. I used to grind my teeth while I slept and this thing has really helped, but I can sleep without it now.

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thanks guys xx

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I was told that the ones that are used in MMA that you can custom mold are the most comfortable and considerably cheaper than that you get from your dentist…. or is it orthodontist?

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they did a mould for me at the dentist… but the end product… it just feels tight

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They can definitely adjust it for you, Lynn. I’ve had mine readjusted several times when I had crowns put in. You need to go back to them.

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They can file and adjust it. They filed and adjusted mine before I left the office with it.

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LOL at first I though you meant security, and was like what?

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@XOIIO ; That’s what I thought too.

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@XOIIO & @Judi me too, lol. After reading the title I thought, “this should be interesting.” & then I read the first line, “I’ve recently been fitted for and been given a night-guard” and said aloud “WTF??” then I continued reading and had a sigh of relief, lol.

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lol…you guys make me chuckle!! love you!!! @Axemusica and @Judi and @XOIIO

hee hee…

it’s a plastic rubbery type one…(could I be allergic???) filing sounds… eeek…but anyway..I’m definitely going back…and changing my dentist…I’m going to request to see a different dentist within the practice and then also request to change practices with the local authorities…

thank you all for your help… in the meantime I’m going to try some meditation to relax and stop the clenching that way!!!

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Call the dentist and see if it can be adjusted by popping it into boiling water for 30 seconds and then putting it into your mouth to adjust the fit. That’s the way the ones you buy at the druggist work. The hot water softens the generic guard, and it adjusts to your mouth.

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oh cool… I might try that…after I’ve phoned the dentist of course! lol xxx

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@lynneblundell That’s the way my second one works too.

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I’d go back to the dentist and have those areas filed down. It should be included in the price as “fitting”. I used to make them and had to do that all the time. If the areas are irritated and swollen now, you may have to go without wearing it fir a few nights to let the swelling go down to get a more accurate fit, otherwise you could wind up with a really annoying rocking when you wear it.

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