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What does it take to get through to these young adults?

Asked by Val123 (12709points) December 30th, 2009

The last generation and a half, especially, has been given the message that copping an “F U” attitude is “cool” and acceptable. They were given that message that it’s OK, when they started with the crap at 15, 16, brought it to school, and never received a reprimand or correction (because the schools aren’t allowed to reprimand. Don’t want to damage their little ol’ self esteems, you know.)

Well, they graduate, go out into the cold,cruel REAL world carrying that attitude with them , start getting jobs…and start throwing the “F U b**ch. Don’t tell ME what to do!” (ESPECIALLY the girls) toward their co-workers. Or, even to their bosses, like, “You got a real attitude, you know that?! Talk to the hand!”’s just an unspoken turn on their heel or a rude ignoring….somehow they seem to think that’s OK because they didn’t actually SAY anything, just oozed disrespect and dislike out of their pores in a way that can’t be missed.

And…they lose job after job. And of course, it’s always the coworker’s fault. Or the bosses fault because they’re “B**ches and A holes….” (However, both boss and coworker still have said job.)

How do we get through to these people?? There is NO such thing as a perfect work environment! There will always be coworkers and bosses that will be hard to get along with, in ANY job! You just gotta deal with it, professionally.

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Time. They have to mature someday. Smart kids will quickly understand they don’t get to start as CEO. I’ve seen it in new nurses with ‘graditis’.

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All you have to do is ignore them and act very mature….. They’ll notice one day how bad they treated you one day of their life. They may feel sorry, and all you can do is forgive. Just be patient and treat them with respect. Never stoop to their level.

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They’ll learn through facing the consequences for their actions. Things like this carry a lot more weight once you’re supporting yourself.

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@areyouawizardtoo My concern is more for the kids, the young adults. I don’t have any problem dealing with it, but…it feel bad knowing it’s just going to happen over and over again….

@Haleth IF they can mange to figure out that it IS them and their attitude, and NOT the boss or coworker and their attitude….

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all I have to say is Good luck with the attitude jerks that you have to be around!

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Them punk—-——- didn’t——ing swear half as——ing much as I did +20 years ago.

“F U b**ch. Don’t tell ME what to do!”
Okay, I’ll call the police, they’ll escort you out.

You’re going to do what if I call the police?
But if anything happens you’ll be the primary suspect.

Ah jeez, can’t you say anymore swear words.

Then play them this video.
sex pistols bill grundy interview

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Eventually they will learn the hard way and pull their shit together…or they wont, and they will fail at life. I feel the schools have become too soft, and now so have many of the kids. As long as the real world continues to be as tough and unforgiving as it’s always been, and doesn’t just accept that this “Fuck You” attitude is just the way it’s going to be from now on, I think all will be alright.

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@Civic_Cat what is the matta with you?? /:) Did you take your medicene this morning???...
Just kidding.

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@forestGeek But it’s most definitely not the school’s fault that they’ve gone soft on the kids. It’s was a demand from society. Trust me. If the schools were allowed to enforce certain expectations, like they used to be able to, they would. In a heart beat.

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@val123 wow you’ve started a pretty big discussion! :)

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At my school F U is an approved grade for the report card. We give the standard academic grade of A to F and a citizenship E for excellent, S for satisfactory and U for unsatisfactory. Several times a year I give students FU

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I love this question!

I do not think there is anything that shall get through to them other than the School of Hard Knocks.

I knew this was coming. As I watched this lot “grow up” (and I use the term lightly) I was thinking that, when the real world came a’calling, they would not cope well with the call. I figured that they would lose job after job, probably more of this generation living longer with their parents than others. (I have no clue if the “living with their parents” thing is true.)

Well, it seems that my predictions were correct. All of the lax parenting that went into this, the parents who wanted Little Johnny and Little Jane to have everything has done them a disservice. Teachers had their hands tied and had to put up with the monsters these parents unleashed upon the school system. The juvenile court system is nothing but a joke.

Now they shall learn through the School of Hard Knocks like the rest of us. However, unlike the majority of the older generations, this generation was quite ill prepared to enter that esteemed learning establishment and is going to have a lot more problems due to it.

They can either man/woman up and accept that they have a problem, like the rest of us do when we fuck up, or they can continue whining about how hard pressed they are.

I am hoping that the lax parents of today have seen what comes of this and realize that they are doing their children a disservice.

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@Val123 – very true, the schools have gone soft due to the demands of society. I also feel some of the new teaching styles and theories seem to require less accountability, and more freedom, unlike real life. I feel like I was completely ill prepared for the real world when I graduated from high school, but I feel like my daughter will be even less prepared when she graduates next year. I think the real world will be harsh on the kids who grew up in the “everyone’s a winner” generation.

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me is back into da discussion

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at my school you here cussing in every direction….it is quite sickening.

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I don’t cuss 0:) * halo * * halo *

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0:) * goodie * * goodie *

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Actually, I find that there swear less.

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@areyouawizardtoo Twit! LOL!

Thank you so much for all of the responses….I just…it’s just kind of heart breaking to see so much potential going down the drain over something so easily fixed. Sure, a lot of the kids will figure it out, but there are those with potential that might not, ever….

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@Val123 your welcome! I couldn’t agree more…

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0>:) * devil in desguise * * devil in desguise * I love that song by Elvis! :)

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“How do we get through to these people??”

The same way it got through to us. Time and life experience.

Some just pick up on it faster then others.

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This song might have been the first to use the f-word in a recording.

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Then again, this is something every generation says about the next generation. My grandparents hated the stuff my parents did when they were this age. My dad dropped out of college, started a band in the garage, and rode a motorcycle, and my mom was a hippie party animal. It’s not the young adults of today that are the problem, it’s all young adults ever. :p I’m 22.

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Peter, Bjorn & John – Young Folks

Love her voice, better than most of the “gangsta” rap and “nu metal” crap I bet.

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@Haleth That’s true! Even Plato, or someone like that, voiced the same complaint 2000 years ago, or whenever!

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I have four children, and I know many, many of my children’s friends, and I have never encountered the attitude you describe, not even once.

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Well, you’ve never taught school! And you’ve been fortunate enough to not have to work in an environment where that was prevalent.

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Just pretend that they are speaking in a different language, and if they act up, call security.
Tell them that you will not answer to any particular set of words, or in a particular context.

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@pdworkin Also, not ALL of the kids are like that. If your son isn’t, then he isn’t likely to surround himself with friends who are. I’m just speaking in general, of the disservice we’ve done to our kids by insisting that the school molly coddle them instead of preparing them for the real world….

@Civic_Cat It’s not something I’m dealing with myself, at the moment!

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While I aknowledge that there are kids like you describe, like @pdworkin said it’s not all of us. I think that every generation has had people that rebel- look at hippies. Granted hippies were all about love and peace, but they rejected authority too. I think it’s just the bad eggs that act out and give us all a bad name. All of the people I hang around are full time college students or full time workers and are prepared for the responsibilities of adulthood. I’m not trying to reject your idea that something needs to get through to those who aren’t as well prepared but I think life works its own magic and they’ll eventually get whats coming to them.

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@sevenfourteen You make a very good point. I guess every generation, since “time began” has kids who took forever to make it out of that teenage thing….thanks ya’ll.

OK. If you want to get off topic now, it’s fine with me!!!

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If you want to get through to young folks, listen to them and try to understand how they feel about the world around them, instead of telling them how they should feel and then dismissing them.

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I encounter people like this all the time and I am ashamed to say that they are of my own generation. My brother and I were raised in such a way that if we were rude or disrespectful to others then we would know about it! My parents certainly weren’t afraid of punishing us if they felt it was needed and the crime was never worth dealing with the punishment! I know I will probably be unpopular for saying this but I do believe that we have become too soft on kids because, like you said, of the fear of damaging their self esteems or breaking their spirits. General manners should be taught firstly in the home and continued throughout their school lives (at school and at home) and I firmly believe that teachers should have more power to discipline than they currently do. I am not saying that we should bring back the cane or anything like that but I do believe that if a kid tells a teacher to “F OFF” (which I heard happen a lot when I was at school) then the teachers shouldn’t have to sit back and take it for fear they will come off worse.

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@Symbeline You’ve missed my point.
GA @Leanne1986!

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