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Rules to live by in 2010.

Asked by Ghost_in_the_system (2035points) December 30th, 2009

Consider all of the happenings and controversies of the last year. Things that you have seen in public forums and personally experienced. What do you think would be good rules to live by in 2010?

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Be excellent to one another.

It doesn’t need to get any more complicated than that.

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i think that we should do good for the earth, we’ll all be dead by the time its resolved, at least we can help. but, im no tree hugger lol

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@babygirlbubbles ~Is that a leaf in your hair?

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Be faithful- to yourself and to your loved ones.

Oh and don’t do anything just to make money/get on tv

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Feel the sand between your toes as often as possible.

Enjoy the texture of your food.

Hug a friend once a day.

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Don’t spend what you don’t have.

Gluttony is a sin.

Do unto others as you would have done unto you.

Always pause to enjoy moments of happiness.

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Rule #1. to never repeat what you did wrong in 2009.

Rule #2. reread Rule #1.

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what @JLeslie said.—maybe except the gluttony thing surely once in a while—-

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and what @john65pennington said, smile

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@Don’t waste time.

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I live by these rules, and they work for me… Keep your colon cleaned out, you will live longer. Also, share your laughter and smiles with others, it doesn’t cost you anything.

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The Golden Rule.

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Don’t be too bound to rules.

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Every once in a while take time to take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Examine your screw ups and be determine to fix them but most importantly remind your self you are important and vow to be good to yourself because you deserve it.

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@faye Haha I just got back from Vegas and overdid everything, so every once in a while…

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If you don’t have the cash, don’t buy it.

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Breathe, eat, sleep, drink, take out the garbage, download cool tunes on your MP3 Player and kiss the one you love.

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@downtide ; was that Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure?

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Don’t buy stock in GM, Citibank, AIG, Bank of America, Chrysler, Japan Airlines, or really anything except Big Pharma.

Don’t invest in the Dollar or the Icelandic Krona.

Don’t watch Fox News.

Listen to Vohu Manah

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No matter how upset you are at your circumstances…there are three million people in worst circumstances than your own.

So keep an attitude of gratitude…there is a lot to be grateful for….no matter how awful it may seem.

Having a bad hair day? Lots of women with cancer have no hair left
Angry that someone cuts you off at the feeder ramp? Think of children and mothers in Africa who have to walk ten miles to haul water that is badly contaminated anyway.

Upset that your boyfriend forgot your birthday till the last minute? Millions of elderly people live alone and no one ever remembers their birthdays. Ever.

We need to cultivate gratitude in 2010…I think.

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In your interactions with those around you, act as if everybody will see and hear your conduct.

Live each day to the fullest and show those you respect and love how you feel every chance you get.

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@Judi yes it was. The full quote is “Be excellent to one another, and party on dudes!”

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Just thought of one more. Try not to piss people off. You may live to see 2011.

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love each other as much as possible. then you will find true peace.

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@minolta… or maybe “a” piece.

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Learn to say no and save the energy for things you truly love to do!

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1— Try not to participate when it comes to political-related questions.

2— Don’t answer spiteful online responses in kind. Remember that some people are truly ignorant. Attacking them only makes you look as ignorant as them.

3— If you decide to ditch a forum, don’t go back and look at what people are saying. Feel good that you got the last word (at least to your knowledge.)

4— Remember that even intelligent people see things differently and everyone is entitled to be different. “Different” in and of itself is a good thing.

5— Limit online participation so that it does not cause you to neglect your other interests.

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Don’t run over bicyclists. Anymore. On weekdays. Erm…

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@Fred931 Aw,come on! Gotta gimme atleast one!

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@Ghost_in_the_system According to The Bad Driver’s Handbook, controversy between cyclists and angry/sloppy drivers is increasing at a steady rate.

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@Fred931 and ,unfortunately , will until an economical solution that doesn’t involve common courtesy is developed.

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My Rules to live by in 2010:
* Support President Obama.
* Don’t watch Fox News, and avoid Glenn Beck at all costs.
* Recycle as much as I can.
* Obtain a better understanding of National Health Care and contact my state reps with any concerns.

For those of you that believe in the Golden Rule, I’ve tossed that one out and now try to live by The Platinum Rule.

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