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When you are having a fun time with your friends, what's the brain chemistry behind that "high" feeling you get.

Asked by LeopardGecko (1232points) December 31st, 2009

This question applies to being sober, with no chemical substances involved.

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Endorphins. But it doesn’t always work out the same for everbody. Some people dislike crowds but get “high” on extreme sports. etc.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land is correct.

I am not fond of crowds. I prefer small groups or one to one.

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@Dr_Lawrence Neither am I. Alone is my comfort zone.

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don’t forget catecholamines.

Cocaine is doing things beyond endorphins.

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Endorphins and adrenaline.

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Serotonin and dopamine are important neurotransmitters involved in ‘feeling good’ as well.

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I wonder what the implications would be if they could synthesize endorphins, seratonin, and dopamine and sell it as an over-the-counter type of medication you take when you’re feeling down and out. Or maybe they have artificial substitutes out there that already mimic this. Hmmm….....

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@Bluefreedom: Exercise generates the same hormones, I am told. (Doing this from memory, so it may not include all three that you mentioned.)

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What friends? What fun?

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@Bluefreedom – I’m not sure if they have synthetics for this, but every drug that you take creates these neurotransmitters in excess without you having to do anything.

@gailcalled – Yeah, exercise releases Endorphins, when you are exercising you are tearing muscle, endorphins are natural pain relievers for the muscles that you are tearing.

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Why are endorphins released though when you are having fun? What is the magic behind this?

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@LeopardGecko: Are you sure about tearing muscles? The serious research says that the trigger is unclear. It is a complicated process and research scientists disagree.

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@gailcalled – I’m only as sure as my Biology and Psychology Professors have told me. I didn’t know there was conflicting data, I’ll have to check it out.

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You need those naturally occuring signals. They’re what get us out of bed and seeking to do what makes us human.

When you short circuit those signals you will remain in bed.

Ever wonder why and addict looks like shit?

Fear heroin not for what it does, but for what it makes you no longer need to do, and for what you will do to keep it coming.

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@gailcalled and @LeopardGecko. I just finished my 2 mile run and those neurotransmitters are firing very well at the moment. What a great feeling. =)

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@Bluefreedom – I believe you! I’m going to get mine going in just a bit.

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