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What do you use to shave?

Asked by Mamradpivo (9655points) July 18th, 2010

This is mainly for gentlemen, but it applies to ladies as well.

I mainly use a Norelco electric razor, but every few days I do a real shave with a Gillette Fusion, their 5-bladed razor. I used to use a Mach 3, but at some point I upgraded. I’m not wild about it. There are all kinds of stores selling retro shaving gear. Do you have any experience with this?

What do you use and why do you like (or dislike it)?

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I use a beard trimmer as opposed to a razor, because of the way my facial hair grows. It doesn’t all grow in the same direction, so a traditional shave with a razor just leaves me with a nasty case of razor burn. Using the beard trimmer allows me to get pretty close, leaving just the right amount of stubble, and preventing razor burn. I usually try to touch it up every other day.

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A compact disc like the one used in I Come In Peace.

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I’ve worn a closely cropped and trimmed goatee and mustache for years – and I shave off the rest almost every day because I hate how itchy I feel and unkempt I look when I don’t. I’ve experimented with many, many razors over the decades, always buying the newest from Gillette or Schick. I tried electrics a few times but always went back to razors because I like a very, very close shave; for me, electric razors just don’t, uh, cut it. These days I use what I think is the perfect combination: a Gillette ProGlide razor and a latherless Beard Lube by Jack Black (which I’ve only found online).

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I use a Gillette Mach 3 Turbo for my face, (neck basically because I haven’t shaved my face in almost a year.) and a disposable Schick ST2 for my body. (specifically areas where I have tattoos because when my tattoos get hairy, it kinda grosses me out.)

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I use the zero bladed Zilch Mach.

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A Thiers-Issard olivewood straight razor. Shaving oil as a base then Geo F Trumper shave cream applied with brush followed by a swipe with a block of allum. I use Elmemis SOS cream as moisteriser.

Incidently the reason I switched to a straight razor was I have incredibly sensitive skin and a straight razor is much kinder to the skin than those multiblade jobbies.

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Beard trimmer here, always leave a little trace of stubble. Which is good because that’s how the wife likes it on me too.

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Disposable razors… lol. I’m a cheapskate. :) I really do find that the Gilette Mach 3 Turbo is my favorite razor – but I never bother to buy refills.

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Mach lll and hair conditioner. My bf has a vibrating turbo something razor that’s pretty cool, I think it’s Gillette.

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@Neizvestnaya I use conditioner too :D

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this Q made me think of this at 2:17. haha :) if anyone’s wondering it’s a British TV show Mock The Week and that’s Michael McIntyre – funny guy :) didn’t mean to steal focus anyway, so I’ll swim away now blub blub blub

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Usually I’ll use a beard trimmer like @jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities and in a pinch will use the Gillette Fusion… but I have a standing appointment once a month at my dad’s old barber to get a straight razor shave… hot lather, hot towel and a tumbler of single malt while watching a giant plasma works wonders for the psyche once in a while.

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@Dr_C- oh! The feel of a straight razored face feels marvelous :)

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Shaving soap, shaving brush, mug, Mach 3 regular

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Cheep disposables from the Wal-mart or Freddie’s (Fred Meyer) in the shower. No fancy gels or creams just the hot water.

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I use a Schick Quattro with the built-in beard trimmer and Art of Shaving soap.

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A razor. Ooh ooh and shaving cream! So original I am ;D

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I’m a 220 volts kind of guy. I’m not into razor blades.

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It depends on my mood, There are times when I just want to use my [link removed by Fluther] double-edge safety razor and there are also times when I feel like I want to use my straight razor. Both work great for me. Simply the best!

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