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Have you ever been to an establishment/business having special rules/guidelines which only made sense to them?

Asked by Pretty_Lilly (4655points) January 1st, 2010

Not long ago,I went to the movies with some friends,while at the concession stand,we noticed;they sold mini pizza,we attempted to place an order,the concession girl have us an annoyed look and informed us as we were idiots not possessing any common sense that pizza orders were taken at the end of the counter.(there was no attendant nor customers at the end of the counter and no signs anywhere to indicated the special guidelines of ordering the pre-made mini pizzas)

My brother had to buy a money order,the check cashing place had 5 windows but only one attendant working,common sense would have indicated for everyone to form a single line at one window but there was a cluster F**. The attendant wanted for everyone to line up evenly among the 5 windows then he would switch from window to window to take care of the customers??.He was pissed at the people coming in as he expected them to have prior knowledge of this procedure and do so without being told??
* Even though it was wrong,both times we cussed out the attendants by telling them ” And how the F* are we supposed to have known that A-hole !

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I went to a U Haul location once where the store policy (unposted) was that they would not honor your reservation, no matter what. Everyone in the place was angry. If they had simply posted someplace that your reservation meant nothing to them, they could have avoided a lot of heartburn.

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I used to work at a place that sold coffee and sandwiches. If you wanted a sandwich or any food, you had to go into the back of the store and order it at the counter, but this wasn’t posted. I worked at the cash register, which was right next to the door, and that’s also where you ordered coffee. I always had to redirect people, which was annoying for both of us.

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