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Who has the highest score?

Asked by Phil (155points) February 28th, 2008

There should be a list. and you should get points for more posts on questions you ask.

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Me, well soon I will. Anyone wanna help me achieve my goal?

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I think gailcalled has the most… And no, you shouldn’t get more points for replies to questions you ask. People would post inflammatory shit to get points.

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@johnpowell: I agree, people should just use the current system that is in place.

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it would reward people who post good questions. i dont think inflammatory shit questions will be rewarded with answers. even if they are, people care enough to comment so i guess it’s good?

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“If John McCain and Barack Obama have anal sex who would be on the top?” is a terrible question.

It would get a lot of responses but that doesn’t make it a good question. The best questions can actually be answered in a single response.

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I think there should be points awarded to witty smart-ass answers. It should be next to “great answer” and should read “witty answer”

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it depends on how you look at the site. personally, i think a question that fosters more answers and more discussion is much better than single response questions which are usually the really bad questions that should be asked on google or wikipedia.

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Cake (as an example of the perfect Fluther questions)

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@seqdeha: you and your cake. The cake is a lie!

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Highest score in WHAT? I’ve dated 10,526 women, which would give me a pretty high-score in THAT category!

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