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Why did you buy your iPhone?

Asked by needleinthehay (190points) February 28th, 2008

I’m genuinely curious as to why people actually bought those on release.

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I am one of those freaks who has to have the newest technological gadget. And a half phone half Ipod is awesome especially with all the other stuff it can do. But I think I actually got it once I heard about the NES emulator. Then I bricked my phone and had to buy a new one. So I’m not messing around anymore. I am waiting for the SDK.

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it doesn’t seem particularly impressive technologically, that’s the thing.

i bought a $30 flashcard for my Nintendo DS and can now play NES roms as well as some GEN/SNES roms a long with whatever DS games i can fit onto a 2gb minisd.

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If the iPhone isn’t impressive technologically, what is?

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Something that specializes. It doesn’t seem like the iPhone is really above par with any of its features.

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I think the iPhone is great. If it wasn’t verizon wouldn’t have made a “wanabe phone” besides that I agree with the first&third anwsers.

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ok, cool. what do you use it for?

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because my other phone was a POS brick. People made fun of it, so when I went looking for another I saw the iPhone and was like I gotta have it, and then I swiped my magic plastic card and I did have it.

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Needle do you have an iPhone?? I’m thinking if you did you wouldn’t be asking this question you would know why people have the iPhone and want them.

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i’m not going to spend 600 dollars to find out the answer!

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It’s not even $600 for the new 16gb model.

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they aren’t 599 anymore. The price first dropped in Aug2007. You can buy one for 300.

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then i apologize, i checked this link

should have checked the archive date as well!

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I was an early adopter… I still have my 4g iPhone. I bought it because I am a long time user of Apple products, as well as palm/windows mobile PDAs. My entire contact list is in AddressBook, and syncing/ connecting my PDAs and phones was always a pain because of proprietary systems and different ways of storing data.

The iPhone was going to solve that problem by syncing flawlessly. I gave away my PDAs, Razr, and sony s710a when I got the iPhone.

Another reason is the mobile Internet. That’s the most revolutionary part, more companies are doing the same because it’s in high demand.

The music, movies, and camera are all awesome as well, and the fact that the phone gets updates and new features every couple of months makes you feel like you’re getting a major return on your investment. They lose value slowly – like all apple products. You can sell a almost-year-old used one for 300–400 dollars.

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Yeah it I can’t believe I lived so long without having the internet in my pocket. And now I don’t need an Ipod and a phone.

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It’s a total mobile entertainment wonderland in my pocket! Who could ask for more?!!

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I used Pocket PCs for several years. They are absolutely dreadful. I have been waiting for someone to re-define mobile devices for sooo long. The iPhone is like a dream to use and if you haven’t tried one, you should do it tomorrow.

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Because its the beat phone in the world

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I held off buying any kind of smart phone because they didn’t do what I really wanted… which was seamlessly sync with my desktop and let me access the real internet.

I have been using Apple products since 1982, but as a single mom, I don’t have a ton of disposable income. I was so glad that Steve Jobs gave 6 months warning so we could save up… my son got the 4 GB on release day (he paid half), and I got my 8 GB within a week. We still have the original phones with no major complaints.

I love having all the resources of the internet at my fingertips. If someone asks a question and I don’t know the answer (a rare occasion, but it does happen ;) ) I can just pull the iPhone out of my pocket and have the answer in minutes.

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To consolidate devices in my pocket. To have HTML email in my pocket. To be able to surf the web anytime, anywhere.

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My girlfriend bought it for me last Christmas…I mentioned that I wouldn’t mind owning one and she went and bought it for me. What I had really wanted at the time was a Blackberry Curve but after playing around with the iPhone, I wonder how I ever got along without it. It does everything I need a personal organizer and a phone to do. It’s also pretty neat for writing rhymes and listening to music at the same time so it’s right up my alley!!

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