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Who is your favorite superhero?

Asked by theredjawa (480points) February 28th, 2008

You can pick from any medium. Comics, Toys, Movies, Television, Video games, etc.
Mine is Booster Gold. He is a DC superhero who has been a member of the Justice League

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My favorite Super-heroine is Wonder Woman. Her history, the Amazon civilization and her behavior makes for me Wonder Woman as my favorite super hero.

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dr blasphemy from the bratpack by rick veitch

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I know who Rick Veitch is but I have never heard of that hero or series.

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Dr. Strange. Marvel ftw!

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I like batman he’s your average billionaire crime fighter. No super powes just an all around badass.

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I’m going to keep it simple and classic: Batman.
Here’s a guy who suffers an incredible tragedy, but instead of becoming selfish and vanishing into his billions, he decides to turn his rage into a tool. He travels the world for 12 years transforming himself into the ultimate crime-fighter, so that his loss won’t happen to anyone else. But at the end of the day, he’s just a man in a suit, and despite the deep emotional and physical scars he bears (gaining new ones everyday), he still grits his teeth and fights the good fight. He’s a regular guy that holds his own in a world of supermen.

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Honorable mentions for: Daredevil, the Spirit, Jack Hawksmoor, and of course Superman.

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Black panther is my favorite it use to be Iron man.

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the drizzle. If anyone knows what I’m taking about. : ) then I liked captin planet. lol

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does Doctor Who count as a superhero?

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Sure. I would count anybody who can do extraordinary things.

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does anyone remember a DC series called “checkmate”? Because that was cool, but I don’t like batman, it was a bit bland, I like superpowers.
if you’ve not read the bratpack read it, and the maximortal.

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checkmate keeps coming back in different forms. I think the current operative is female.

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Wonder Woman rocks!!!

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In order

Iron Man

batman is deffintly the greatest because hes just a normal guy with no super powers so hes the most realistic plus he also has the best super villains to fight.

I like spiderman because not only is he comical but he makes being a nerd cool.

And lastly Iron Man because well he’s Iron Man need I really say more.

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batman and underdog

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My favorite superhero was always Wolverine. It was just so cool seeing him in the comic books lunging at his enemies ready to rip em to shreads!!

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