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Do you take medicine?

Asked by squirbel (4292points) February 28th, 2008 from iPhone

I have never really liked to take medicine. I might take something for a really bad headache, but for the most part I don’t trust the pharmacuetical companies. Today’s discovery is tomorrow’s class-action suit. How do you feel?

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I take advil for headaches. I’m bipolar so I take lithium and paxil.

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I take Rx’s for my blood pressure and diabetes. I also take Advil for headaches and Neurontin for anxiety. Pills are my friends!!!

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I take insulin and pills for diabetes.

Though I never take pain relievers, I just never relied on them growing up, so I feel like I ‘need’ them. I just deal. Plus I don’t think i’ve ever had a headache bad enough to warrant it anyway.

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i’m not too comfortable having chemicals controlling my body, so i usually refuse medicine. plus the pharmaceutical industry is full of frauds and lies. much like the country we’re in : D

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Many times medicine is the only alternative to disease, disability or death.

I have prescriptions for hypertension and diabetes. If I did not use these medications I could become severely incapacitated by the effects of these diseases: victim of a stroke, deterioration of the feet and possible amputation, renal problems, who wants to think about it?

I also take a statin for cholesterol control even though I do not have a cholesterol problem but hypertension and diabetes are tough on the heart and circulatory system and the statin is there just to make sure another problem does not get thrown into the mix.

One other thing, medications are designed to do certain things to certain organs or parts of your body. Every modern medication has side effects, some well known and wide-spread and some that affect only 1 or 2% of the population. .
You have to live with the risk that you may not like the side effects of a drug or that the drug that is keeping you alive by regulating one part of your make-up like your heart, might not be so good for your liver or kidneys or G-d forbid, your sex life.


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I medicate myself with my High Blood Pressure pills…
Throw in a couple of “Baby Asprin”....
These I down in the morning…
And to cap the day, knock back a couple of beers, and /or three fingers of my favorite single malt…
Yeah, I’m medicated….

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i am glad someone else hyphens the “o” in G-d. i respect that, and your reply. i will only say i do somewhat agree with it.
i think enough water every day has more power than people think.

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That is what they taught us in Hebrew school back in the day.


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