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Why doesn't not always work to compress some DVDs and is there a better appllication?

Asked by derekmimeles (1points) February 28th, 2008 from iPhone
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hate to ask, but are you using “handbrake” or ” handbreak”?

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There’s no way to answer that question without more information about your system. What operating system are you running? What version of Handbrake are you using. What format and settings are you using in Handbrake? On what device are you attempting to play them? Are the discs you’re copying clean and unscratched?

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I am using handbrake…. I have mac intel duo proc. With I’d 10.5.1 .mostly what happens is it will scan source but sometimes I go to copy it and the first chapter is not available, only the credits and extras or it will stop with only part of the movie co

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it is very likely the DRM on that DVD is the speedbump.

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You should install the latest software updates for your OS and make sure you’re using the latest version of Handbrake (0.9.2).

When handbrake stops with only part of the movie compressed, are you able to play the video?

If you’re getting a playable partial conversion with working, it’s likely that Handbrake is having trouble reading the DVD. Try copying the VIDEO_TS folder to your hard drive first, then converting from the folder on your hard drive rather than from the DVD. The conversion will be faster, less prone to errors and put less wear on your optical drive.

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yOu should first use a program called max the ripper to rip the whole DVD to your comp. That will very likely fix your protected DVD prob. Then you use handbrake to rip the movie from the image of the DVD that’s on your comp.

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mac the ripper, sorry typo

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