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What are some free video/music sites for iPod/iPhone?

Asked by afghanmoose (554points) February 28th, 2008 from iPhone

I searched the Internet and found some sites that ask for a $50.00 one time fee and people get unlimited movies/music,is it p2p networking like limewire or kazaa,and isn’t that illegal? And is it reliable and if so what are some good sites

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Those are pretty much a ripoff. Everything they offer can be gotten for free elsewhere, that’s where they got it.

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its possible to DIY with the right software

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well what’s a good site or sotwsre to download without having the government snooping around

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GlaDOS. You must destroy your companion cube first. Then you will get cake.

Otherwise, I must point out that format-shifting and owner-shifting is illegal activity, and therefore not allowed by the TOS of Fluther.

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I download my stuff from iTunes or transfer from my DVDs and CDs.

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I like searching the Apple website. There’s a section that lists all kinds of free webapps. I’ve seen quite a few that have music and stuff.

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destroy cube? I was just wondering

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stop bullshitting and anwser the question. for videos and for audio

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this if u want to stream. Which I fell is better.

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oo, seeqpod is cool! but I don’t like streaming on the iphone. Nice to listen to on my notebook though! thanks :)

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tiny tube has like no movies,I meant like real movies or songs to add to the memory

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