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How do I deal with stressed out people at work?

Asked by Just_Justine (6511points) January 7th, 2010

I recently joined a small company, we were very excited in getting it to work. I brought in a huge corporation which was great, my boss. because of this was given another small company to run.

I have two issues, since the merger my boss has become very distant, thin and never at work. Which is causing stress amongst the ranks. I got angry yesterday and left. My questions are two fold, I can work from home and avoid this stress, which may be a good idea as why put oneself through this?And two, in the past and now managers ride on me bringing in clients and good ideas and I am never promoted. I would love some feedback. Also leaving in a huff yesterday looked unprofessional but I was trying to get business through and the whole office was just joking around and couldn’t be bothered. Including my boss. So how do Iclaim back my professionalism without brown nosing.

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First off, show your boss that you’re still pretty much in the game and can be relied on to pinch hit, if need be. Let your fellow employees know that the game is tough but only the strong survive. At that point, start preaching ways on how to strengthen the company with everyones help, trying not leave out anybody. This way, everyone becomes a stakeholder to the success of the company. . . . I hope that makes sense to you.

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Keep a log and/or tabs on all your accomplishments and send that list as a memo each quarter to your boss, and your boss’ boss (or whoever the team reports to). In all the business and success, it’s easy to see the accomplishments of the team but not always obvious to the higher-ups who is responsible for putting the wheels in motion.

Also, oif you have an annual review, identify specific goals in that review and before the next review is due, address in detail how you worked to achieve those goals: what specifically was done, what was the result, and how you will continue to build on that success.

Simple accounting like this not only demonstrates your value to the company but also separates you as a leader in your own right.

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I think that if we play some game and share some funny and interesting experience with other its a best way to get relief form Stressed.When we doing our work many time we fell bore and that time if we something which we like its help us and gave energy for doing work.

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@bbydecosta I agree thx for reminding me of that

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