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Emotion: good or bad? Would you rather live in a world without emotion? Or is the emotional world good now?

Asked by Spinel (3220points) January 8th, 2010

Emotions can be seen as weakness, yet emotions are considered a distinguished sign of a living, breathing human. Some deem no emotions as better in the long run, while others call that position cold.

What are your views? If you had a choice, would you keep or forsake your emotions? If you could, would you move to a world of neutral emotion?

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Right now, I would forsake them. I don’t know if I’ll continue to feel this way forever, but it seems like I want to.

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I never see emotion as weakness, i see emotion as a sign that you are human. without emotion people could never feel happiness. True you feel sad at times, that is just part of the life cycle. You got to get through sadness to get to the happy parts, but without emotion none of it could be felt and that would be a dull and boring world

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I think emotion is pretty much a wonderful thing, it’s when they overwhelm you that they become a problem. I’d much rather see people learn to deal with or control their emotions, embrace them, experience them fully, but never allow them to dominate you, and when they pass allow them to go without regret but anticipation of the next experience.

In the end, the wonder, joy, excitement… it’s worth the pain, frustration, and hate. because when you talk about forsaking emotions, you have to forsake the good with the bad.

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I have alot of emotion, I would like less of it right now. I don’t want all of my emotion to be gone because I think we need some in our lives. I just want less.

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Well I would give you my honest answer, but I cannot because I am a little emotional right now. I’ll get back to you and let you know. Maybe my answer will change

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Depends on the emotion. Positive emotions I want plenty of. Negative not so much. The negative ones are necessary sometimes, so I don’t think eliminating them is the best, but I would prefer more positive to negative in general.

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Someone hasn’t seen Equilibrium.

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Being a Vulcan seems to have worked for Mr. Spock’s planet, but it wouldn’t work for me.

But it’s a good question to ponder for mankind in general and I like the way it was explored as an ongoing theme in the Trek universe.

+GQ for you ’

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Like someone else said, Equilibrium is a good movie and shows that emotion is a part of human nature. Yes there are bad emotions, but without the good ones, the world would be worse.

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The best way to deal with emotions is to learn how to turn them on and off. Emotion is a very important part of relationships (romantic or otherwise), so living without it is a problem. It can be a weakness, but if you can turn them off when you have to, then you get the best of both worlds. I can empathise with people easily enough, but I still do not get affected when I have to dissect cadavers for my studies.

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Emotions, both positive and negative, direct our attention to important matters in our lives.
Without them we would be like stones, without the motivation to act and function.

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I think emotions make us Human. I think that we must all learn to be rational despite that we have emotions.

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I can’t imagine a world without emotion. That would be like art without color or a zoo without animals or libraries without books. Frightening.

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@jackm- I was just about to reference that.

I’ll take the world with emotions, thank you.

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I would rather live in a world with emotion, the world would be a mess without emotions. How exactly would one decide what’s right or wrong without emotions?

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Sometimes you have to put your emotions aside to think clearly. But, emotion is part of the basis of humanity. So we have to turn them back on when we need to be human again.

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amjorrich you are correct lurve for you.

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Well it’s neither of those two extremes – genuine emotion in certain moments can be incredibly powerful, more powerful than words – they can give a person away, they can give love away…On the other hand, in general, I am ruled more by my logical self than my emotional self – it depends but for the most part I don’t like when people go all over the place emotionally without any growth – that is a weakness, to me.

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I’m uncertain whether it’s emotions I want to be without or life itself. They both seem useless to me.

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Emotions are bits of energy that serve us as gauges, there to let us know when things are going all right, and when they’re not. We need them to be able to maintain our equilibrium. In an ideal way, when they’re finished doing their jobs, they pass out of us.

It’s just unfortunate that so many of us have been trained out of connecting with our emotions, like when adults tell children to not cry, or to wipe that smile off their face or that there’s nothing to be angry about.

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A world without emotion would be a cold, uninviting place. I’d rather die.

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Crazy emotions are a lot more fun than unfeeling logic based Vulcan living.

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If you love country music, you understand emotions. without emotions, country music would cease to exist. we all have emotions. some of us display our emotions more so than others. sometimes, we hold back our emotions and this can cause physical and psychological problems within our body. a good example is an ulcer. if a person is facing money or domestic problems, keeping their emotions inside themselves can lead to stomach ulcers. each of us was born with feelings. feelings and emotions are tied together. is it in bad taste for a man to cry? no. as a police officer, i have cried many times with families that have lost a loved one, especially a child in an auto crash. i have sympathy for the families and my sympathy is tied into my emotions. i am glad i was born with emotions to feel sorrow and to feel pain for others. this just shows that i am human.

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I would choose a world with emotions.

If you are really interested in this subject, I suggest you see the movie Equilibrium. It’s about a future society where every citizen must take an emotion suppressing drug daily, thus creating a world with no sadness, jealousy or pain, but also with no happiness, love or humour. Also, it’s got some pretty badass fight scenes.

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Without feelings how would I know I exist? I would be as significant as a rock. We would have no desires to advance or do anything. When you love what you do, then you have some passion for it which means emotions. We would no longer exist as a species. Babies rely on a mothers emotions for their survival. Men or women would reproduce because there would be no desire.

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It’s best to strike a balance between emotions and pure reason.

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Without emotions humans would perish. Our brains are build around emotions. All our actions are driven by emotions and our rational mind being able to deal with them (which some neuroscientists call feelings then).

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I agree Mat.

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