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What are you feelings about Gay Marriage?

Asked by jennifermariex (33points) January 8th, 2010

I absolutely have no problem with gay marriage. I want too know how other people feel. I think you should be able too marry the person you fall in love with no matter what gender they are, how old,what race etc. So how do you feel?

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I want one!! :)

No, really.

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The happier the marriage the better. Even my 12-year-olds know that it doesn’t matter what someone’s sexual orientation is.

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I’m cool with them.

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I couldn’t care less what others do with their lives as long as they don’t hurt anyone.

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I’m opposed to straight marriage.

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Why are you opposed too it?

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I’m in favor of it. Marriage, civil marriage, is basically a legal contract between two people. I don’t think we should limit it to a specific gender combination. Do we do that with any other legal contracts?

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insufficiently crooked?

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What do you mean pdowrkin?

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I mean that perhaps she is against straight marriage because it isn’t crooked enough. What did you think I meant?

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i was just confused.

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I have nothing against it. I believe that when you find the right person, it’s the one you fall in love with despite their gender or physical properties. All that will matter is their inside, outside doesn’t count. I’m not against it in any way, I think that is you love them then you should go for it,

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I used to oppose it. Now, I support the cause.
If people really wanted to protect marriage, as they say they do, they would outlaw divorce.

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They should be equal to heterosexual marriages.

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I absolutely support it and all other forms of partnership between consenting adults. Government should get out of the business of defining what a marriage is and simply serve as a registry/repository for whatever contracts consenting adults should wish to make.

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Of course I support it. Gay couples are just as valid as straight couples. Therefore, they should be able to obtain the same rights as straight couples. They should be able to obtain the same rights as straight married couples. Because like it or not, marriage is a legal issue. I don’t believe in requiring churches to perform gay marriages, but who would want to get married in a church that doesn’t approve of you in the first place?

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It’s great.

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I’m not in the market for one, but I don’t think that means that there shouldn’t be a market for them.

I don’t like sweet potatoes, either, but I don’t agree with banning them. (Not that there’s any correlation; for some reason sweet potatoes just came to my mind then. Eggplant would have worked, too. Or calimari.)

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I’m pro gay marriage.

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Just remember this. In twenty years we will look back and wonder how anyone opposed them. It will seem as backwards as making “blacks” drink from a different water fountain.

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I support it on this and every other time this question has been asked. :)

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Really, @laureth? I alternate.

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A persons personal sexual preference should be their own choice. i only feel that same sex marriages will not provide a child with the same teachings from a gay marriage, compared to a man and woman marriage.

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There is plenty of evidence that children do fine with same-sex parents. And there are plenty of suffering miserable children whose parents are straight.

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I support any kind of relationship/marriage, providing only consenting adults are involved, and no one is coerced. All parties involved should be comfortable and happy with their choice. I don’t care if they have penises, vaginas, or whatever else.

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It’s such a logical step. I really don’t understand those who oppose it and feel that marriage needs “defending”

From what I can see, straight people have managed to sabotage marriage all by themselves. Gay people certainly had nothing to do with it.

But the right wing needs some kind of ” bogeyman” to scapegoat now that Communism is no longer a threat. When trying to raise funds, it’s always so much easier to have an “enemy” to portray as the “other”.

Unfortunately they’ve decided that gays (and their sincere desire for marriage rights) is the scapegoat du jour.

I wish they would move on already. But as long as it’s bringing in the bucks, the more hysteria they can create about it, the better, in their eyes.

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I am totally for gay marriage. When two people love each other how could that be bad?

I’ve heard arguments that allowing same sex marriage will lead to people being able to marry their dog. I absouletly cannot understand this argument. A lady at work was talking “at” me about this and I told her I didn’t understand her reasoning and to please enlighten me. She said she wasn’t sure why but that letting gays marry would lead to marrying an animal or an inantimate object.I said let’s change the topic because I can’t talk about this with you. She then asked my thoughts on abortion…

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It seems like everyone on here is pro gay marriage. Where are all the anti gay marriage people who ruined it for California this last election? I really think it’s something that is going to happen sooner than later and I support it completely. I just don’t understand why some people are so afraid of it as if it’ll really affect them in their daily lives. Why can’t they just let gay couples be happy. After all, some of them stay together longer than a lot of heterosexual couples. If they REALLY want to protect the sanctity of marriage then they should prohibit divorce :-)

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Just follow the money trail.

Do you think they’d be pulling in the same amounts if they didn’t have gay marriage to excoriate ?

They are pandering to peoples fears. Fears are not exactly something always connected to rational thought.

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I support full marriage rights for all couples where both partners are human beings, regardless of race, gender or religious belief.
I am still uneasy with marriages between humans and members of other species.

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I can’t understand why people think it’s not only their right, but their job, to tell others how to live their lives. Why do you get to tell someone who they love, or not? And to do it because “it’s wrong” because “God’s against it”... there’s a lot worse in the world than two people of the same gender being together. And if that bothers you so much, LOOK THE OTHER WAY

I’m pretty much just reiterating what others have said.
But I’m so for it.

I know people who are gay, lesbian, and bi… and surprise! They’re just people! There’s nothing scary or horrible about them. Many are my good friends.

I can’t wait for the day I don’t have to hear “you know, I think _______ is gay!” because it won’t matter anymore, because they can say they are, and people can just be a little mature and respect that.

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I think they should have some of the rights that married couples get, but I don’t want to see gay marriage legalized. I don’t like that so many rights are stripped away from gay/lesbian couples that choose to live their life together and I think they should be recognized as a legitimate couple legally-speaking. However, I don’t think churches who disagree with that lifestyle should be forced to accept it as “marriage” in the sense of marriage as a religious ceremony.

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That sounds like homophobic ghettoization!
What you say is like “they should have some rights” but not like us!

Gay marriage should be legalized but religious organizations must not be compelled to perform marriages between people they don’t consider eligible for marriage in their faith.

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I’m fine with it. I don’t even understand why, today, this is even still a debate.

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@BBSDTfamily :: So this is what it feels like to lose respect for someone.

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@BBSDTfamily, many straight couples get married in legal ceremonies administered by justices of the peace. These are not religious ceremonies. It does not take “church” to make a married couple; it takes a state issued license and a state authorized official. Ministers can only perform marriages because they meet state legislated qualifications for whom may perform a ceremony.

In other words, a religious marriage is a religious ceremony that is only valid if it meets legal standards. Being married in the church does not make you married. You are married because you have a license and swore an oath in front of a state licensed official.

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I am all for equal rights, I feel the same way about gay marriage as I do straight marriage!

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Fully support it.

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Live and let live.

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@BBSDTfamily What has marriage to do with the Church? We are a secular state, and marriage is a civil institution. No church will ever be required to perform a ceremony against its beliefs. You are getting us confused with Russia, where Orthodox Catholicism is the State religion.

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@BBSDTfamily – How can you give gay couples “some” rights, but keep it illegal? Like, “What you’re doing is against the law, and these are your sanctioned benefits listed below.”

@john65pennington – It’s true that children with gay parents might not get some of the “teachings” (what are those?) that those with straight parents get, especially if that child doesn’t know any other straight people in the world (such as aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends’ parents, neighbors, etc.). However, children from straight parents are more likely to miss out on any similar “teachings” that gay parents would provide, especially since so many of those might actually not know any gay people. Simply based on “teachings,” then, it would seem that children of gay people would be better off receiving both kinds of experiences.

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I am all for it. I think that gay couples should have the same rights as straight couples.

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@Buttonstc: “I really don’t understand those who oppose it and feel that marriage needs defending’.

From what I can see, straight people have managed to sabotage marriage all by themselves. Gay people certainly had nothing to do with it.”

I agree with this statement. A lot straight people seem to have lost interest in marriage (or, if they are married, in their partners). So why not give gay people a chance to enjoy it?

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@BBSDTfamily That would never happen. The church or clergy would NEVER be forced to perform a gay marriage, It is illegal to prevent a Jew from marrying a Christian, but plenty of Rabbi’s, Priests, and Ministers won’t do the ceremony, the are not breaking any laws. The fear of churches having to go along with gay marriage is a scare tactic that is completely invalid and illogical. I’m not trying to gang up on, you obviously are willing to accept gay marriage as a civil right. My hope is that Christian’s like you, who have proven to me many times to be logical, willing to debate, and interested in facts, will spread the word to other Christians once you see the evidence that the church does not have to fear being forced into do anything.

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@kheredia The consesus seems to be that the black vote pushed prop 8 in California over the edge. The Dems worked hard to get the black vote out for Obama, but since they tend to be very religious, once in the voting booth they voted against gay marriage. I dont know if it is true, maybe they are incorrectly being blamed, but I can tell you here in Memphis most of the black women I know are dems because they are black, but on social issues that seem affected by religious opinion they are very conservative and tend to agree with the right wingers. Probably California would have went for Obama anyway, so the liberals slit their own throat on the gay marriage vote in Cali. I never did look up how prop 8 was written, was it clear which way you were voting by how it was worded? many times it is purposefully confusing. I think that should be illegal.

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I am sad that this even has to be a question… Even in our society that loves to be ahead of everyone else, some people just can’t grasp simple equality. Not to be a downer. But on the other hand. YaY for equal marriage.

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Thank goodness nobody quoted the modern philosopher Carrie Prejean

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