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Car CD player installation question, why is there no power?

Asked by johnny0313x (1855points) January 9th, 2010

So I am sure some people will say you shouldn’t mess with things you are not qualified for..and I agree…

I have installed CD players in all my cars with no problem so my friend asked me to install his. Everything went great except the wire harness(the part where you twist the metal wire things together sparked while we tested it. It worked until that spark and now the interior light and the cd player have no power. We replaced all the fuses on the car even though non of them seemed broken. Any ideas? None of the wires seem burnt and the spark was very minimal. I have no idea though… :(

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Get yourself a multimeter and check if you’re getting a electric feed on the plug going to the cd player. If there is a current you know the wires are ok and it might be a short circuit in the cd player caused by the spark.

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Did you check the fuses under the hood, too?

A bit of advice: disconnect the battery next time you start fooling around with the vehicle wiring.

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I knew about the fuses under the hood but didn’t think they played a part in those wires…sure enough after I checked those there was a blown fuse and everything was good as knew, problem solved lol and lesson learned…

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