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Anyone know a good detox fast..other than Lemon Cleanse/Master Cleanse?

Asked by DarlingRhadamanthus (11273points) January 10th, 2010

I’ve done the Lemon Cleanse fast a few times in my life for 10 days. I did it in November and would like to try some other cleansing fast that is really effective.

I have tried carrot fasting and found that it was not very effective. It didn’t really clear out my system——and was just so incredibly tasty, it felt like I was cheating and I did not lose an ounce. I got tummy bloat. It was really strange, as what I was drinking was supposed to be really healthy for me. I may have been doing something wrong.

I’d like something simple. I am not someone that needs to have variety…I am not a foodie.

I have a juicer and am open to any suggestions at all…what has worked for you? Even if it is not a juice detox…please send suggestions. I really need to do a cleanse.

Best wishes and thanks.

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To be honest, I think what you were doing wrong was detoxing in the first place. It’s kind of hyped up pseudo-science a la homeopathy.

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I agree with delirium. ‘Cleansing’ and ‘toxins’ are not ideas used by qualified nutritionists.

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@delirium…..I don’t think detox is hyped at all. I really do feel better after a detox fast…especially when I have overindulged in foods. My former nutritionist in the UK..uses both words. And she is qualified. She is the one who suggested it in the first place. But, alas, she moved away.

@jaytkay…see above.

I cannot speak for others experience with fasting….but it has been effective for me…juice fasting was not as effective…but the Master Cleanse was. I just wanted to try something else.

I appreciate your feedback…

However, I’m still open to some constructive suggestions by people who have had positive experiences on fasts other than Lemon/Master Cleanse.


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Read Ultra Metabolism by Dr. Mark Hyman .

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@philosopher…..I just ordered that two days ago! :) Thanks for the recommendation.

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Milk thistle.

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Dr. Mark Hyman operates a clinic nearby. He charges, when last I checked, $1100
for an initial consult. HIs center in Lenox does not accept health insurance or Medicare but is very eager to have your credit card info on file before you can make an appointment. He pushes his own ™ supplements; here’s his fee schedule. (For the record, I have a 4 yr old great nephew who falls on the autism spectrum – something called PDD-NOS (for Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified).

Consultation Fees

Initial 80-minute MD consultation: $1100.00
50-Minute MD Office Visit or Phone Follow up: $400.00
25-Minute MD Office Visit or Phone Follow up: $200.00
Initial 50-Minute Nutrition Consultation: $150.00
50-Minute Nutrition Follow up Visit: $150.00
25-Minute Nutrition Follow up Visit: $75.00

Overeating and then taking a powerful purgative or laxative is not a healthy rhythm.

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OMG if the above prices are real he’s totally ripping you off!! :/

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Anybody talking about “toxins” and “cleansing” is selling you something. I suspect your “former nutritionist was charging a fee. Hyman is selling books, and, according to @gailcalled, charges ridiculous fees.

Free advice can be had, and it is hard to argue with. People want a quick fix, but the answer is a little harder (but not very hard):
1) Eat a variety of foods, mostly plants.
2) Exercise 4 or more times a week, ½ hour or more. Walking is sufficient, a little more is better.
3) Don’t smoke. Don’t drink more than 1 or 2 a day. Don’t take recreational drugs (yes I know alcohol is a recreational drug, but in moderation it does not get you into legal trouble)

That’s it. 1, 2 and 3 will add years to most Americans’ lives.

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First of all…...let’s get this straight…..I’m not a bluthering fool.

I was asking for a SIMPLE CLEANSE…and no one answered this, but you got on the bandwagon assuming I was some “trend follower” who was going to pay outlandish fees for some clinic….or that my nutritionist was going to make a lot of money off of me.

I lost 75 lbs….three years ago. I exercise every day. I’ve kept it off. I did it all on my own with no one looking over my shoulder, no coaches… no one. What my nutritionist did was to simply say, “This is where you are going wrong….this is what you should try….” In the end she left it up to me. I saw her twice when I started. in I tweaked my own system, did a cleansing fast and I was on my way. I did the last fast in November on my own as well. I am not a lemming never have been and never will be. I figure out what I need and do it. I just wanted to know of a different cleanse, obviously no one in the fluther has done this. I have and it works. It jumpstarts your system. You feel better. I don’t recommend it. It just worked for me.

@jaytkay….......You assumed I was looking for a “quick fix”. Obviiously if I lost that much weight and kept it off, I’ve done something right. Yes, there is a lot of free advice, and I agree you don’t need a nutritonist. This nutritionist happened to be a friend who offered her advice. I didn’t seek it. I also don’t think that doctors have the be-all-end-all answer either…..I’ve seen people die under doctor’s care because they refuse to change their lifestyle and pump their bodies up with drugs that weaken their immune systems and kill them…just a bit more slowly.

And by the way,@jaytkay I am vegetarian/vegan (have been for 30 years), I exercise every day except Sunday one hour and a half…Pilates and aerobics. I have never smoked, I don’t drink, I have never taken recreational drugs. My problem has been sugar and just over-eating and hopefully, that has now been addressed. The stressful situation that caused that weight gain? I figured out a way to deal with it after I lost the weight.

I ordered Dr Hyman’s book because he has a system that is interesting. If I find his information of use to myself…..I can incorporate some of the things he is doing into my own routine. If not, I won’t.

No one should ever follow a trend….you have to do what works for you. Short cleanses work for me and I was just plumbing the collective for some variety.

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Hyman is money honey but in the book Ultra Metabolism his nutrition advice is excellent .
I was told I could not get back on his site without paying a fee . I bought his last book from Amazon. They want people to buy directly from them.
His new book is not believable . He claims all disease can be cured by proper nutrition.
My Son is Autistic as a Child he saw Dr Sydney Baker Dr. Hyman’s mentor. I would have done anything to cure my Son . We tried the Gluten Free diet and much more.

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Okay…months after I posted the above, I found a decent herbal cleanse. It was “Blessed Herbs” cleanse. It is nine days and if you do it to the letter, it works.

That’s all I was looking for…no Beverly Hills doctor, nothing fancy….just a system that put it all together and that was proven to work (this has been around for ages.)

No, I am not affiliated with this little family business (it’s not an MLM) it’s just a company founded by a fabulous herbalist and a family of integrity and “green” as they deal in quality herbs.

Thanks for the responses…and if anyone reads this looking for the same, good luck to you!

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