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When and where do your questions for Fluther originate?

Asked by rebbel (24949points) March 23rd, 2012

And do you have a way to easily remember the (subject of your) question in case you thought of one while riding your bike?
Or do questions come to you while you are reading other questions and answers on Fluther?
Do you need a notebook to write them down for future use, do you memorize them, do you make a knot in your ear, or do you not bother memorizing/writing them down because “the question will come back to mind one day?

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I think of them at different times during the day, generally when whatever generates the question happens or comes to my attention. I forget more than I remember. Which reminds me….

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I come home, have a drink, PM a fluther buddy.

I have another drink, I get pissed there are not enough questions available. Then my PM buddy says something vaguely odd, and I make a question out of it.

Then they get mad I made a question out of it, so I apologize and blame the booze.

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My everyday life and drama is where I get my questions from. They are things I’m genuinely going through or want to know.

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I saved up my boxtops for a year and cashed them in for “Great Questions for Fluther”. I am going to see the company though – all the questions I’ve used from the book have only been mediocre at best.

Seriously though, my questions so far come about as I read and answer others’ questions here.

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All sorts of places. Watching TV, listening to the news, reading other people’s comments, talking to friends (here and in my off-line life). I thought of a question after I got some spam the other day. Someone had already asked it though.

I’m never organised enough to write them down and often I too forget questions I was going to ask. I bet they would have been fabulous questions if only I could remember them…

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I check news aggregators from, my local ABC affiliate, The Washington Post, The New York Times and the right-wing Human Events newsletter every morning as part of getting my day underway and staying informed on what’s going on. Quite often, a story will inspire a question, as this one did today.

I also carry a pocket spiral-bound notebook and if a question pops into my head while I am out and about, I write it down. I forgot way too many great questions before I developed that habit. And then I have a crazy internal dialogue that goes on almost all the time. My brain just loves word games. Rhyming, comical spoonerisms, interesting turns of phrase that will lift some mundane topic to one that’s unique and fascinating; all these are fair game. I love questions that make us look at familiar things with new eyes.

And than there all the times when I simply don’t know how to do something and either can’t find an adequate answer Googling it, or realize I can get a lot better answer and lots of viewpoints by asking my diverse and incredibly bright fellow jellies.

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Some are derived from observations of current events, and some are derived from alcohol.

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@rebbel Oh, I forgot to mention I have a text file on the computer called Questions.txt for want of a more creative name. If something comes to mind while I’m in the middle of a programming project, and I don’t want to break away and polish up the question for posting right at that moment, I enter it in an abreviated form in Questions.txt using the Textpad text editor, an application I highly recommend to those who know a bit of Perl and Regex expressions and can use an industrial strength text editor.

One question I should ask is why I need to write things down to remember them. The funny thing is that if I just commit it to memory and command myself, “Self,” I say “remember this or else be a baboon’s zoophilic lover.” I’ll for sure forget the question. But for some reason, if I write it in my notebook or type it into Textpad and save the file, I seldom have to refer to the written version. I’ve got it.

And then as @lerv notes, there’s also better delving through chemistry.

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I find them under the orange tree.

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Almost always while I’m driving or in the shower. Quite inconvenient, which is why I forget most of them! The other day, though, I had to wait around for about 20 minutes to pick up one of my girls, so while I was waiting I thought of several and wrote notes to myself on my phone. Until just this minute, though, I forgot they were there!

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My questions tend to originate in this highly ridiculous evolved form of dust and data

No but seriously I probably have about 5 questions a day I’d love to ask. Usually when I’m walking around campus to and fro from places. Driving. And right before I go to sleep. I don’t write them down because I like the clutter in my brain and the surprise when I get to my laptop to see what there is to ask any particular day.

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Always in the moment and usually when I’m at home (because I’m a stay-at-home mom in a one car family. its where the action is at)

Most of my questions are sincere. If they aren’t, I blame too many beers. that’s usually Sunday night. fyi

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When my Magic 8 Ball fails to give me an answer.

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Right off the top of my head, thinking over potential questions to ask whilst going about your everyday life strikes me as ever so slightly sad…odd, but there you go.

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I’ve resorted to writing them down and then misplacing the pad I’ve jotted them into. I’ve tried the off the cuff questions, but so many more are lost to the ether…

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I don’t ask many questions here, but when I do, it’s usually something that came up from daily life. One question came from a several hour chat with a friend, one came from an annoying run-in with someone else—just everyday things that cross my mind and become questions.

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Most of them come to me when I’m reading either a book, a script, a newspaper, or something online.

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There are so many questions that come to me, practically every day. They come from what I read, what I experience, and what I imagine and wonder about. I try to write them down in a notebook but so many times they go unposted and unexpressed. I feel like I need to write more questions. One thing I don’t understand is why people get upset over a question that’s been asked before. I suppose we all wonder about the same things and so we can repeat questions. I would hope that that would be a good thing and not a bad thing. No one seems to go back and answer questions that are a few years old. Not because they aren’t good questions, but because life goes on and we just keep on keeping on. When I ask a question I look at similar questions asked before. If the same question doesn’t come up I go ahead and ask. Many times the way the question is phrased makes a difference and there are always new members who haven’t seen the previous, similar questions.

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Almost all of my social questions came from while I was having a good laugh, and all of them were done out of amusement. My general questions tend to be a more personal matter that I want to get advice for from people who don’t know me in real life and normally pop up whenever I have a pressing issue on my hands that I don’t want to talk about with the people in my daily life

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It is a rare event when I decide to ask a question on the internet on any site. I do know that I need a good reason to ask one since I’m not into the popularity, competition and point gaining thing. I guess I would say that when I do decide to ask a question that it just comes to me randomly rather than through planning. The userbase on fluther is mostly antiparanormal so I’m not going to ask a question on here where I won’t be able to get a more balanced feedback. The type of questions that I can ask on any type of site will always be relative to the type of userbase there is on each of them.

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