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Whats the best way to gain weight?

Asked by pjanaway (3000points) January 13th, 2010

Ok the past couple months I have lost my appetite completely. I have lost a little bit over 10 kg (22 lb) bringing me down to about 55 kg (121 lb). So I’m pretty underweight. What should I do? I have 0 energy all the time. :(

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take some of mine!!

take vitamins, smoke weed, go to a doctor… that’s probably the best answer!

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It sounds like it would be best if you sought professional advice.

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Honestly, that is what a lot of movie stars eat when they need to add weight.
Deniro did it for Raging Bull. Stallone did it for Copland.

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@filmfann – I do like pancakes.. but I suck at making them. Haha. Doesn’t sound a healthy way to do it though :p

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Go see a doctor.

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Meh, I was hoping to avoid a doctor. :(

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You should probably see your general practitioner.

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Rice and pasta, and lots of it.

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@syzygy2600 – My favourite food :)

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Rapid weight loss can be a sign of sundry illnesses, so I’d agree with everyone and think you should go see your doc as soon as possible. Sorry!

Till then, add something like Carnation Instant Breakfast to your diet. It’s like a milkshake, sort of, only they add a lot of protein and vitamins to it. It’s a powder you mix with milk. It’ll help you slip more calories into your day between meals. Make sure not to skip any meals, either.

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Guess a doctor it is. I do have a weird pain in my intestines area, and at the top of my stomach area. Maybe that’s the cause of the appetite loss.

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@pjanaway Maybe you have an ulcer or something? At least with stomach pain they won’t make you get nekkid. :) I also avoid the doc at all costs so I sympathize with you.

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@fireinthepriory – I have only been to the doctor once in the past 10 years.. lol, Probably needed to go 100 times. I hate it there.. lol

But an ulcer sounds serious, if that was the case would it require surgery or something. :o

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@pjanaway I haven’t been in a few years either… I like to self-diagnose and self-treat with OTC meds. I’m not a doc, but I feel like I have slight legitimacy due to being a biologist. Emphasis on the slightness of my legitimacy. :) I do know that rapid weight loss is a warning sign that warrants a trip to a real doc, unfortunately, since it can be caused by so many different things, some of which will turn out to be very bad if not treated. Ulcers usually only call for laproscopic surgery though, which is really non-invasive, so don’t panic yet. :)

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@fireinthepriory – Meh, I will try and force myself to a doctor.. lol

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@ on 55 kg, I think you need to move on it – whatever you do… but something needs changing.

‘Oo knows… you could have a tape worm inside! ... inexplicable loss of weight and energy

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anything fried…. lots of pasta – and little known to most – RAMAN NOODLES!!!

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& ulcers don’t require surgery usually – I’ve soooo been there – just some pills, you just can’t let it get bad!!

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Consume Protein (meats, poultry, fish, nuts, eggs) and carbs (breads- try the more wholesome bread). You’ll definitely gain weight eventually. Keep to a diet of eating 3 regular meals a day. Good Luck! PS: Don’t forget your veggie, so that you can go #2!

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smoke weed, then go eat fast food and pass out. when you wake up, smoke some more, then eat, and life goes on.

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just take in more calories than you consume

eat more and sleep more ~~~

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@sEventoRii @babygirlbubbles @fancyfeast , That is all very well… provided the cause is not a tape worm!!

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Well it could be a tape worm, don’t they stay in the intestine?

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Loss of energy and no capacity to add weight are the right symptoms.
Who knows??

I remember in Yr 8 English, we had a story where some guy with a worm had to starve himself for 3 days, then put garlic or onions up to his nose: the story goes that the tapeworm crept out of his mouth! Ugh!
I don’t know whether it’s true, but sounds feasible enough.LOL

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