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Help! I broke my original DS! How can I fix it?

Asked by buckyboy28 (4961points) January 13th, 2010

So I decided that I should replace the scratched touch screen on my original DS, so I took it apart following steps I found on Youtube. I put it back together, and the bottom screen was completely blank (but the light came one). So I took it apart again, and put it back together, and same thing.

So then I decided to put the old screen back in, but when I tried booting it up this time, the bottom screen flickers for a second and then the DS shuts off.

Any tips, tricks, or help? I am really kinda bummed that I decided to mess with it.

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sell it to game stop.
use the credit toward a used one, they only cost like 60 bucks anyways

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Are any wires getting pinched in the between the two halves? I had something similar happen with a old Powerbook. Reseating the wires fixed it.

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I’m guessing your not under warranty anymore?

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@johnpowell what do you mean being pinched in between the two halves?

@sjmc1989 You are correct. I got it about a week after it was released in November 2004.

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Ignore me.. I thought you were talking about the screen on the top.

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@buckyboy28 Damn! My whole top screen got smashed after some seriously competitive night of Mario Yes I have some issues I’m working on it :) and they fixed it completely. My only advice is don’t take things apart by youtube instructional videos and take it to a game store usually someone can tell you if it is fixable or if you should give it up and by a new one.

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@sjmc1989 Yeah, I think I learned my lesson, but I feel like I can probably just retrace my steps and attempt to fix it before I go to a game store where they will tell me that it is a dinosaur and that I can buy the shiny new one for $130.

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@buckyboy28 Yeah if I had to buy a new one I would feel like I was cheating on my old DS. We have been through some things and it is worn out just perfectly :) Agreed. Try to fix it!

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