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Why Another Birthday Card?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) January 15th, 2010

I cannot figure this out. each year for my birthday, a girl i knew in high school, has mailed me a birthday card for my birthday. this has been happening, since 1962. thats almost 50 years of cards and postage stamps. just one question: why? no other contact for all those years. has this ever happened to you and did you figure it out?

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wow…that is wild. You must have done your job in a cool and professional way and she will never forget that!!

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Maybe you both have the same birthday?

Add: She’s not sending you cake

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Each year, my wife says, “well honey, your annual birthday card came in the mail today. its from u know who”. my wife just contends with the birthday cards for all these years. i do not know this womans birth date. i do not believe its the same as mine. i remember her as being a nice person, but thats it. we never dated or had any type or relationship. i am still puzzled over the cards. i do remember her being at many of the dances that my band played for back in the 60s, but thats it.

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You say your wife “contends” with these cards. What’s to contend with? Why, after all these years, do you think she feels threatened by an once-a-year nice gesture from an old acquaintance? Myself, I would be flattered and let it go at that.

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You should contact her and thank her for the remembrance, and ask her why she sends them.

Is today your birthday, by chance?

This question reminded me that I used to know a man (sales rep) who told me that growing up, his family would share every holiday and event with another family family who had a daughter who had the same birthday as him. He always thought that his mother and her mother met having babies in the same hospital on the same day, and became friends. When he was in his 20’s he found out that he was adopted, and was a twin. The daughter from the other family was actually his sister by birth. The mothers decided that they should know each other without actually knowing they were adopted.

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Austinlad. i am flattered, i guess. before i was married, then why didn’t she let me know she wanted to be closer to me? i do not have a clue. thanks for the answer. john

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Pandoraboxx…, today is not my birthday, but thanks for asking. its in December and her card always comes with the Christmas cards.

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Well John, again, my guess is was a person you helped in the past as police officer that will never forget your services.

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Bobo….this apparently started before that happened. i was a drummer in a rock and roll band and i knew she was a followerer of my band and loved to dance. but, she never contacted me in any way.

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I have never been so lucky to have been so noticed. You truly must have left her with happiness that she is trying to give back to you every year on your Birthday. Has to mean that she really respects you.

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Wow, that’s one big crush, you must of made a big impression.

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oh, gotcha…you must have been a very good drummer then John! loll

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We did okay for the band. our highlight was being the opening band for Roy Orbison on road trips.

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dang, that is cool…he was one the best ever!

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Well, John, now that you’ve piqued our curiosity as well, call her and thank her, and report back. Inquiring minds want to know. Unravel the mystery.

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