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Do you think last nights episode of LOST the best one so far?

Asked by wodowd (147points) February 29th, 2008
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yes. We finally got some answers and Desmond is my favorite character.

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Desmond is my favorite character as well. That was the best episode this season. The best I’ve seen in a while too, not including the finales & premiers.

It should be interesting…going forward. Always is.

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Yeah I loved it. I’m going to have to watch it a couple times to fully comprehend it though. They definitely took the whole flash back / flash forward thing to a new level.

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Oh man, I was all about last night. Chat log with sferik:

9:47 PM
sferik: You there?

andrew: hey
watching lost

sferik: oh, okay
ping me when you’re free

andrew: ok
9:51 PM
10:03 PM
this was the best episode ever

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I really love the direction they’ve taken Desmond’s character. He embodies everything that was wonderful about the first season of LOST. The crazy sci-fi drama, a compelling story through a character who is the every-man (Jack has long since lost that element), and a bit of a love story. It was really fantastic. I’ve been on edge about this season so far (especially last week’s episode which I was not crazy about), and last night totally brought me back. Especially the idea of a flash forward occurring in the present. Brilliant. And time traveling outside of your body. Genius. So far, best episode this season.

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Psst. Anyone notice the frequency desmond had to tell farady was 2.342 ....23, 42

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they also mentioned 2342 during the auction in desmond’s flashback. it was the item number or something. I don’t remember exactly.

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The auction lot number of the Black Rock diary was 2342.

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The best one by far. I’m glad they finally got on the boat. Its still hard to belive Sayid is with ben in the future.

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I do have a question, perhaps someone here can answer it. The guy who dies on the boat, I know he mentioned who he was…but I didnt catch it. Can anyone shed some light?

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Mingowski I think. He was in charge of communications. He was the one that whenever the freight people called the boat they would say they were going to hang up if he answered.

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Right, but haven’t we ran across him before? Or is it just that I’ve seen that actor somewhere else?

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he’s been in a lot of stuff but that was his first appearance on lost.

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@perchik: He was the bad guy in hackers (where he was awful)

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I believe this was the first mention of The Hanso Foundation, which built all the structures on the island for Dharma. Widmore Industries is an entity of Hanso.

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When was Hanso mentioned?

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The Hanso Foundation provided the black rock diary for auction.

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Ah! And how do we know they built the structure for Dharma? (I missed that).

Widmore is Penny’s dad’s company, yes?

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In the training videos it said “Hanso Foundation” at the bottom, and he introduced himself as so and so from the Hanso fondation.

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@perchik – right on

@andrew – The Hanso Foundation has a website (run by Lost, not a fansite) that said it built the structures for Dharma. The company profile listed Widmore Industries as one of its companies. Its all very interesting. Got to love it.

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