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Why are so many anti-Americans living in this great nation?

Asked by chino2k (80points) February 29th, 2008 from iPhone
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well, i’m not exactly “anti-american”. i’m anti . . . what america is today. it is not the true america that the forefathers strove to create. we fight wars to gain power, towards fascism. our freedoms are diminishing. yes, we are definitely comparatively free, but each day we move closer towards socialism (especially if Hillary takes over..) and fascism.for example, the new ID’s that are supposed to be offered containing a very great deal of personal information and i think a RFID chip (for tracking..). i heard that if you deny one of these cards you may not be allowed to step foot into any government buildings (post offices, etc). or even drive.
i would get into more of my views but few probably want to hear/agree with them and i’m sure a lot of you would just yell about how soldiers die for my freedom and to praise wal-mart.

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To add to ishotthesheriff’s comment, there also seems to be a “corporotacracy” in place where corporations and big money influence the legislation and the way the country is run. I’m not anti-American, I’m disillusioned.

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the oil industry disgusts me to the extreme. . .

squirbel you are my best friend haha. we’re both always on here (the past two days) answering the same questions.

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I’m interested in what the OP’s definition of anti-american is. I smell a neocon.

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Many people have just lost faith in the government because of the current administration

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I felt this way even in the 90’s, and I was just a kid. (with interest in politics) The current administration only exacerbated the issue.

And yes, please define “anti-American” so the post actually moves forward! (instead of quibbling over various meanings)

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I am Mexican by birth but American by choice. Go live in another country were u can’t even express your views and see if you feel the same way. I am proud to be a part of the greatest country in the world. Its not perfect but pretty damn close.

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yes, you’re right. we have great freedom to express our views, but that’s not what i’m getting at. if you have your views, and the freedom to express them, then. . . why not? that’s exactly what i’m doing. and all i think is that this country is definitely turning away from it’s original purposes, so i demand change and create/follow debates that expose frauds and invading of our freedoms that are stated in the Constitution.
never settle.
be grateful, but never settle.

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oakav I’m with you good answer

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hmm, who really are the antiamericans? Maybe it’s a matter of point of views or perhaps it’s a matter of politics, evidently I need further elaboration on what is an antiamerican, I ve heard about the ani- christ but not yet the “antiamericans” sounds interesting.

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One of the fundamental rights of Americans is the right to hold and express unpopular opinions. Exercising that right and trying to fix what you think is wrong is one of the most fundamentally American things you can do.

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my veiw on this is if you are “aintamarican” or aint what america has become. Then get the fuck out of our country we don’t want you here.

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Many of the people who are branded as “anti-American” are fighting to make America a better place through positive change.

This is done out of love, not hate. Unlike the people who like to start name-calling when the thought of any sort of change overwhelms them with fear. But its true, we are the most afraid of the unknown, but this is simply remedied by self education, not blind ignorance.

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exactly what spargett said.
reba48r you are ignorant. and it’s ANTI not AINT. you generalize america and place your opinion over everyone else. (bet you love wal-mart, eh?) when will people get it through their heads that you aren’t patriotic if you shop at wal-mart. 80% of the products sold are imported, yet they run this huge “MADE IN USA” campaign. or the fact that they have lowered the nations average income by billions of dollars every year. or the bad working conditions (
i’m not trying to say everything you believe is wrong, i’m saying america isn’t going where it should be and the FUCK YOU AND FUCK TERRORISTS sheep mindset is definitely not going to help any (* cough * bush inside jobs * cough * )
but you know, stick with your “traditions” and loose the “freedom” you have. i mean i don’t know about you, but i LOVE hormone filled beef and how much land is cleared and the resources used to raise cattle. man, just hits the spot. MMM
sorry for the flaming, but i don’t appreciate being told “fuck you” when i’m trying to better this country and bring it back to the true traditions.

fighting for peace is like fucking to be a virgin.
“this land is my land, this land is your land”

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well stop complaning and start doing.

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haha look who’s talking. how can you say that when you don’t know what i do every day?
i said ”. . . when i’m trying to better this country and bring it back to the true traditions.”
pretty sure that implies that i’m doing something about it.

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please tell me what your doing then… It looks to me that you just sitting home complaning and fighting with a little 14 yr old girl

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you’re the one that has no real argument and no facts, at least none stated. i’m not complaining or arguing, i’m backing myself up and stating what i believe in. looks to me like you’re making yourself look like the victim saying you’re a little 14 yr old girl.

i just raised awareness about wal-mart. and that’s honestly a lot of what i do (involving wal-mart, 9/11, depopulation tactics, the Illuminati, plans for fascism, and the federal reserve). i have also spent a lot of hours helping out and contributing for the Invisible Children foundation. ( i have monetarily supported Aaron Russo in some of his work. I have (and do) raised awareness for the Wilderness Society. (do i need to show you my petitions?) and have also supported them in a few ways.
i mean what the hell do you want from me, my resume?
go back to playing on myspace. .
and watch your language.

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now I know why liberalism is a mental disorder

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haha it’s not a disorder, just dedication and belief in keeping the Constitution in full effect, you know?

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Because I believe this is a community, I will take a moment to act like a big sister and ask reba48r to “watch your language.” it isn’t ladylike.

Edit: darnit sheriff, you beat me.

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look all that I’m saying is that it really pissed me off when I’m around people who are like I hate america .. There fat there stupid there this there that. When there the ones that moved to this country for a better life.

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i never said i hated america! i said i hate how people are evil enough to pull it away from it’s real AMERICAN values! this country is great, but it’s going in the wrong direction. POINT MADE.
remember back in 4th grade when you learned their, there, they’re, your, & you’re. .

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and i’m dedicated to keeping this country that way so that people may freely move here for that better life they’re seeking. GET IT already. (i’m not the bad guy. . .)

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ok but the question is” y are there so many antiamericans living in this great nation” not how can we change this country

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we are also trying to define what is meant by “anti-american”
and i see nothing wrong with DISCUSSING things related to the topic nor in bettering this country.

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Yeah… anti Americans like George bush & chenny. I’m not sure why they live in this great nation.

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Somewhere along the way, this thread just derailed.
..and for the record: Americans who are critical of America are not anti-American. The vast majority of them simply see the potential we have to truly ,once again, be a beacon of hope and prosperity in the world, a leader by example, not coercion— and are frustrated by how far we have veered from that course.
My relationship with this nation is like my relationship with my family, I don’t always like it, but I always love it. In fact, I love it so much, I will not hesitate to point out what needs fixing.

“There is nothing wrong with America, that can’t be fixed with what is right with America.”—President Bill Clinton

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Calling people who disagree with the government “anti-American” is a divisive tactic that some politicians and pundits like to use to make dissenters look like villains. Voicing your opinion, whether you agree or disagree, is the right of every American citizen, and calling one group anti-American goes against everything that the Constitution stands for.

Being an American means you are free to say and think and do what you want, as long as you are not treading on the rights of others. When people start saying that those who don’t agree with them are unpatriotic, the truth is, they’re the ones who are stifling free speech.

It is perfectly okay and normal to not agree with everyone. That’s how things get done. If we blindly followed our leaders and accepted every one of their actions, then we would slowly but surely lose all our freedoms, which is what makes this country great. I don’t agree with a lot of people, but I respect their right to speak their minds and hope that they will give me the same respect when it is my turn to speak. Open dialogue is the only way to accomplish anything if you’re trying to please as many people as possible. It is impossible to please everyone all of the time, but if the majority of the people can agree on something, regardless of political affiliation, it’s progress.

As the late, great Frank Zappa once said: “Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”

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you all make good points and that’s what makes this country great, our freedom to express our opinions. God Bless America

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“God” bless everyone. Isn’t that what Christians do? Or is the hypocrisy just that blatant now-a-days.

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america’s great but. . . i think we should start seeing other people

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Because the greatness of America allows it. If we don’t allow it, we will remove a piece of what makes us a great nation.

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