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What are some cute names for a male yorkishire terrier?

Asked by lexipoorocks (146points) January 17th, 2010

I’m getting a yorkie in the spring time and I am stuck on what to name him! I want to get a boy because girls have monthly gifts so umm yeah.. And back to my point! I want a cute male name! Not like a human name but for example if I got a girl puppy I would name her Coco. Thats not really a human name! I want a doggie name! OK thanks so much!

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I would think you would want to wait to you actually have the dog, so you can see if the name fits him.
If you want a good name for a yorkie, how about Baggins?

(Shire! Baggins!)

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New York.

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Oliver, and you can call him Ollie.

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Scooby Doo

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Harrogate. (or any other Yorkshire town)
geroffmeleg… (may save time)
jorvic (lots of Viking connections in York)

I agree get to know the little fellow first before naming.

I had a cat a few years ago (sadly he was run over) who on the first night appeared to be an oscar. After one evening of particularly monkeyish behaviour he became Bollo, after the ape from the mighty boosh.
I’ve never met an animal that suited it’s name more.

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Thong…......he is short, he is discreet, he is THONG. i like it.

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My wee yorkie was Trixie, It suited her well & It’s a nice girl yorkie name.
but you wana boys name….......
Max – Maxie
Ben – Ben-boy


“oi, get off my chair”
“Dont pee there – use the paper”

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Mashie Niblick

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If he is very furry, you could call him Swiffer.

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This is kind of a weird name.
But I think it sounds cool!

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How about pudding?? As in Yorkshire pudding!? :-/

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charlie! (that’s my sisters old lil yorkie’s name)

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oh and btwwww, you should probably get him fixed because we didn’t get ours and he humped (and got yuckies) EVERYWHERE!!!

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I also like Baggins, @filmfann.

Do you not plan on spaying/neutering your dog?

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@Supacase : lexipoorocks mentioned in the question that they don’t want a girl dog bc of monthly periods… so i assumed that lexipoorocks did not want to fix the doggie. idk if that’s the case though!

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Igby of course!

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Chips or Chippy (like fish n chips)

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Pudding! Yorkshire pudding!

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@Nullo: I really wish I could lurve you 10 times for Unobtamium.

I personally think that @ucme‘s suggestion is the best. Truman!

You could also make a name of your own. We named our dog Zup because it sounded short and silly when we came up with it.

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I would go with Mark! That is the sound they make when you let them eat peanut butter!!

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I like Pudding ga@scooby.

Female dogs come into season usually 2x a year not every month, and if you have them desexed, never!
Males dogs are constantly in heat unless they are desexed, plus with longhaired dogs like a yorkie, they pee all over themselves and can be pretty smelly!

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@Scooby Oh duh! I didn’t notice you already said Yorkshire Pudding! Fabulous answer!!!

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@KatawaGrey Nice “avatar”

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@loser he didnt notice i said it either..

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Lol,, S’ok “great minds think alike” so they say!! ;-)

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@Scooby yes… yes they do… or read the thread ;-)

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Lol,, I never noticed you there well done!! ;-)

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Great minds think alike!

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great minds think of leeks…

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@Pcrecords Only when they’ve had too many beets…..

(Sorry, wrong thread)

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Is that leeks or leaks??? Dam I need to pee!! :-/

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@Scooby Is that pees or peas?

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@scooby leeks. Plumbers minds think of leaks

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Lol… :-)

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I guess i’ll have to put a cork in it! :-/

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Call the dog “scooby jan loser”

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Mr. Wiggles!

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