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Is my water bottle okay to use?

Asked by sliceswiththings (11656points) January 20th, 2010

I have this awesome water bottle that I’ve had for a year. I accidentally left it at school over break, with water in it, sitting on the window sill (so it got some sun).

I can’t imagine that would be too good for it, so I tried to wash it out, let it soak with soap overnight, etc.

This morning it was really hard to get all of the soap out of the top, and it felt slimy inside. There’s something dark, probably mold, inside the drinking part.

This is the bottle (although Wall-E, not Thomas), which is made out of #5 plastic.

I’d love to revive it, but I’m not sure if it’s possible. What do you think?

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If it was me, I’d toss it. Too disgusting to think about drinking out of it even if I was able to fully clean it.

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I wouldn’t use it until you get all the dark and slimy off. Try soaking in vinegar and a good scrubbing first. If that fails you can try bleach. Keep in mind though that plastic bottles may leach toxic chemicals into the water in them when they are used repeatedly. Using harsh chemicals like bleach or exposure to heat can accelerate this leaching. Some people think concern over that is overblown, and maybe it is, but if your bottle was exposed to extreme heat in the car window, or if you need bleach to get the gunk out, you might consider replacing it.

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I have a Klean Kanteen bottle and it is great. Check them out.

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Thanks, @erichw1504, I’m looking into others now. I’d like to keep using Wall-E for sentimental value and because it’s totally adorable, but health is also important. What I love about this one is that it’s light and easy to drink from, which seems to be a problem with many water bottles on the market now. I might get a CamelBak one with the straw and bite valve, but I’m still not sold.

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Try soaking it in hot water with dishwasher soap.

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And if you do toss that bottle, try this out.

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