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Does anyone know of anyone who would want to rent their apartment out in either Paris, Amsterdam or Southern France during the month of May?

Asked by lilakess (789points) January 12th, 2007
Althernatively, does anyone know of a good, and trustworthy site for rentals (beside Craig's list) for renting, or swapping for that matter.
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I don't know the sites, but I know that there are brokers (and probably websites) dedicated to renting houses and apartments internationally.
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For charming villas and farmhouses outside of Paris, try
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I have a friend and her husband who have found three separate and equally authentic places for three years in a row in June. Site will translate text into English if you ask nicely.
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Follow -up to gîtes. I have two friends who have, happily all times, used the site..if you would like to contact them directly, let me know.
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that's "gites". Circumflex from Mac didn't make it.
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Yes, it did, mysteriously.
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i've known people who have used craigslist successfully
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for Paris - you can look at for listings - it's an english language classifieds weekly. depending on your circumstances, also can provide an interesting alternative - it's an apartment share website, but there are lots of listings for people leaving their room for a few months and looking for a short term replacement...
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