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How many people die each day?

Asked by warrior36 (4points) February 29th, 2008
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From the U.S. Census Bureau..

55,503,922 deaths per year
133,398,951 births per year

That is more than I expected.

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I think someone dies every 13–15 seconds and someone is born every 10–12 seconds.

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So it looks like 152,065 people die every day.


We need to get those numbers reversed, it’s getting crowed in here!

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I missed the day part of the question. Thanks for the backup. And yeah, thinning the herd might not be a bad idea.

And I’m talking about the world and not Fluther. I welcome the new users here with open arms. But I will be a dick if your answer is “more blowjobs.” Especially when the question is about a computers BIOS.

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I was referring to planet Earth. But yes, it’s getting a little crowded in here too.

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