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Is there any site for free music downloads that is NOT illegal?

Asked by fortris (683points) February 29th, 2008

If so, what site?

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none of the sites are illegal. it’s the actual sharing of copyrighted music that is.
but. . .

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As far as I know, sharing copyrighted materials it’s illegal only in countries where the right to make private copies doesn’t exist and/or those who are sharing are getting financial income for other people’s copyrighted work.

Anyway, check Jamendo, Internet Archive and Creative Commons

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There are plenty of podcasts available in iTunes that give out free tracks everyday. Search for “Indiefeed” in the podcasts section and you’ll find free tracks for a lot of different genres. Also, The Current, a Minneapolis-based public radio station, has their “Current Song of the Day” which is another great way to find new artists. Just start subscribing to some of these podcasts and you’ll get free music automatically every day.

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This site was linked from an anti-riaa site, and may be what you’re looking for:

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I have a couple of recent FREE albums from A site I discovered a few weeks ago.

My favorite is by “Alo and the Narcissist:The royal we” he has a really great voice, and his indie music should be going mainstream someday soon, Here’s the link for all 11 tracks:

I also found “Sweet Snacks: submit to the chip”. electronic, funny vocals 18 tracks free on same site.

There is also a FREE Mp3 download section on

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