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Will hardcore Spidey fans be upset with the Spiderman reboot?

Asked by Ansible1 (4824points) January 22nd, 2010

Spiderman is scheduled to relaunch in 2012 with a new director, new cast and new theme – Peter Parker is back in high school, and with some of the casting rumors i’ve heard, I really hope Sony isn’t trying to target the Twilight audience. I liked Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker but not as Spiderman, and I haven’t liked Kirsten Dunst since Interview with the Vampire, so i’m glad to see them go. I think the high school setting/origin story is a step in the wrong direction. Anyone want to weigh in on the new Spiderman?

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Will anyone else care? No.

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If Batman is anything to go by, no.

It’s not quite the same (the original Batman movies were crap, while the first -and maybe the second – Spiderman movies were pretty good), but if they do a great job with it, then any fuss will die down.

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I would expect that when you’ve taken a franchise through three highly successful movies with the same stars progressing through life in them, you are likely to have problems with attempting a reboot this soon. The Batman reboot worked partly because it was good, partly because it had been a long time since the last Batman movie, and partly because that franchise had a history of changing stars every film. I expect that some fans will be upset, and I would expect it to suck and perform poorly at the box office.

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i had no idea thats what they were gonna do. if they stay true to the comic then it will be amazing and spectacular!!! fear not true believer Stan lee wouldn’t…... wait a minute, shit!!!

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I think they should just keep making marvel movies… it would be cool to see a reboot of spiderman… it’s all entertainment, the more, the better :)

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Gwen dies in the comics and she’s Peter’s first love… I think, memory is a bit hazy but they didn’t stick to that! D: I was kind of disappointed

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I am by no means a hardcore spidey fan, but let’s face it, Spiderman 3 sucked. I can’t envision a continuation the Tobey Maguire Spiderman franchise that would improve on Spiderman 3, so I think the reboot is a good idea. Perhaps it’s a bit too soon after the first 3, but I still think it’s a good idea. It’ll be interesting to see which actors they cast, and how they handle the high-school age Spiderman.

I too am crossing my fingers that they do not make it with Twilight fans in mind.

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I think hardcore spiderman fans are already pissed about the comic book reboot, where spidey makes literally, a deal with the (/a) devil to erase his marriage (and the last eight years of continuity) to keep Auntie Mae from dying of cancer.

The movie? Whatevers. The movie version sucked anyway.

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Spider man is done for 15 years. I for one am not excited about the reboot. And if I have to see him get bit by a spider again I will walk out.

They need to invent new things. I liked Avatar because it wasn’t a world tht I knew.

Fresh ideas people.

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If they put one of the Jonas brothers or Miley Cyrus or any other Disney kids in it, I will picket.

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I think it’s a good idea actually. Like what @jeffgoldblum said, the third one sucked (seriously? Topher Grace as Venom?) and the franchise is dead.
I hope it’s not Michael Cera or Mclovin from Superbad as Spiderman

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I actually liked all 3 spiderman movies but it does seem insanely soon for them to be doing this

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@aphilotus cancer gunshot wound

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It only took one Hulk movie to warrant a reboot. I guess three movies is enough to reboot a franchise. To make it easier on Hollywood I think they should just stop trying to come up with new things and reboot everything, ever year.

Oh, yeah, I forgot the Punisher movie was rebooted after one, also. Twice.

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@mrentropy I think it’s easier after one than after three. And how many years between the first Punisher and the reboot? Fifteen. And it had Dolph Lundgren.

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Marvel might want to consider looking at some other titles first. It’s not like they have a shortage of characters to make movies from . Spiderman will keep.

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I like the phase in the comics where Spiderman was so wanted that he had to change his identity and make up different characters he could be using his powers. Good stuff. Couldn’t really use the webs though, since that was a give away.

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If Star Trek is anything to go by, yes.

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@Snarp I was being facetious. I think they should spend less time rebooting things (unless it gets as bad as Batman did) and more time trying to be creative with new things.

I liked all the Punisher movies, anyway.

I’m still wondering where the ROM: Spaceknight movie is.

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What’s your source?

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I like the idea of starting over with a new cast and director. They will capture a new audience, not necesarily the same one. These characters are the mythology of our secular culture. They will be reinvented countless times.

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Well Spider-Man 3 did SUCK but it does seem to early start a new one.

Shit it’s been ten years already?

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I think hardcore spidey fans would have been pretty pissed off by movie 3.

Emo spiderman doing the saturday night strut? What the fuck…

This is just rubbing salt in the wound.

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It’s just too soon to do a reboot. Batman and Robin, the worst of the series, was made in 1997, Batman Begins in 2005. That’s 8 long years.
Spiderman 3 was made in 2007. Let’s wait another 5 years before we do this again.

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They might be. Then again they might not be. I was hesitant about the Trek reboot until I saw it. Nothing will replace the original for me, but I do enjoy the new version. Perhaps it was done in such a way that made it seem reasonable- different future, different timeline, or different universe. I am not sure about the Spiderman reboot, how are they going to make it plausible? I will reserve judgment until I see it. If I see it. Never was much of a Spiderman fan, so I should probably shut up.

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