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Where is the best place to buy absynthe?

Asked by theredjawa (480points) March 1st, 2008

I have seen it on many websites but how do I know which ones are good quality and a decent price. I believe it is not sold in the USA.

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is that the stuff they drink on From Hell?

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its like 70% alcohol. It fucks up. They drink it in moulin rouge. I haven’t seen from hell.

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I have had some in clubs in England.I do believe it’s forbidden in lot of country because of its high degree of alcohol.People such as Rimbaud,VanGogh.. Used to drink it. i

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Look on websites and look for independent reviews. Research it like you would anything.

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It is illegal in most countries not because its alcohol content but because of its thujon content which is actually poisonous.Thujon is the active ingredient in wormwood which causes the effects that are sought after. It is also more of a dissociative than a hallucinogen like most people think. That being said it is still a rather interesting experience. Most absinthe you will find has very low if any thujon count in it. I suggest you just make your own. Its relatively cheap and easy to do. Oh and btw it tastes pretty bad like a super bitter cucumber.

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