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Just what is it about freshly made beds that makes cats go wild?

Asked by ParaParaYukiko (6111points) January 23rd, 2010

I’ve had cats almost all my life, and no matter how different their personalities have been, they all love it when I make the bed. Especially with new, clean sheets; they just go crazy! Even my 16-year-old cat Pickle, who spends most of his time being grumpy and sitting around, starts hopping around and chasing his tail when I make the bed. It’s as if he’s changed right back into a kitten!

So, any theories about why this happens? And do your cats act the same way? Are newly made beds just that exciting?

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cats like to ruin all that is perfect….. but at least it’s cute :)

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Milo sleeps in my spot on the bed whether it is freshly made or not, and whether I am already in it or not.

When my cleaners turn on their vacuum cleaners, Milo dives under a plump duvet in the guest room. His presence is evinced only by a lump in middle of bed. I check from time to time to see whether he is still breathing.

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Ha! You should see me trying to get the bed sheet on. My boy leaps onto the bed and dives under the bed sheet, so, then the bed sheet is covering a big mound of kitteh. I pick him up and put him back down on the carpet, but, then he jumps right back on the bed. So, I give in for a bit and we play. I move my hand under the sheet, and he pounces and grabs ahold of my hand (starts kicking it with his back legs and chomps down on my hand). Sometimes, it’s so bad that I have to lock him out of the room until I’m done making the bed.

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Would it be to put their scent there, sort of proclaiming it as their property?

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The same reason we like fresh sheets. They’re crisp and clean and yummy. And @Flo_Nightengale has a great point.

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I think it also has to do with the movement of the sheets when you drape them, stimulating the predatorial response to kill cotton fibers.

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@Flo_Nightengale Good idea! I hadn’t thought of that. My cats spend a lot of time on the beds, so they certainly must think of them as their property!

@andrew I very much see your point there. xD

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Mine both like that too and I have made the bed with them under the sheets!They just like to play,I guess :)

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With my cat, she just likes to supervise or be involved in whatever it is I’m doing. So, making the bed is an activity that sparks her curiosity. She has to jump on the bed and check out what it is I’m doing. Then, as @andrew said, the movement of the sheets seems to spark the prey/play drive. At least she seems to have moved past destroying rolls of toilet paper. :)

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Only clean sheets? My cat goes crazy at odd time through out the day, not only on the clean sheets.

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