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I have these white gloves that I want to decorate and personalize - what do you think I should put on them?

Asked by ChocolateReigns (5619points) January 23rd, 2010

I got these white gloves from Walmart because I needed something besides the fingerless gloves I already had. They’re just these cheap, knitted gloves. Nothing special. I think they’ll last this winter, probably even through next winter (If I can keep track of them for that long!). But I just don’t like the white-ness of them. Sure, they go with everything, but they’re to prissy and clean. I need something cute to put on them. Any ideas?

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all kinds of crazy buttons (the kind you sew on)

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You could use embroidery floss to sew on whatever pattern you feel like. My sister has a black pair with a sun on one hand, and a crescent moon on the other. Get creative!

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Hundreds of tiny pearls, each sewn on by hand, using one long continuous thread. That way, if the thread breaks, the pearls spill all over whatever you’re doing, and makes a scene. Wouldn’t that be fun? While you’re changing a tire or something like that?

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Obviously you need to get a Bedazzler.

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Do a retro monogram of your name or initials.

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I would totally embroider the hand-bones, so cool. Thanks you gave me a good idea for my kids for the next cold season

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