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Does any of these two guys like me? I'm not sure.

Asked by bitter_sweet_rose (115points) January 26th, 2010

Ok so i’m 14 and there’s these two guys lets say their names are Blake and Casey. Well I met Casey last year and we have been good friends. He tells me anything I want to know and doesn’t judge, we also joke around a lot. I love talking to him. Then his year Blake moved into my school distract and it seemed like we were instant friends. I hung around Blake and Casey almost all year with the exception of my other friends.
Anyway everyone would make jokes about me and Blake liking each other when we don’t at least that’s what I though. His mom is making him move again and yeah I was pissed hes a really nice guy and I don’t want him to leave. It’s like we have been friends forever, it’s crazy I no.
So one day at lunch Casey and Blake were talking (I hadn’t sat down yet) then when I did Casey blurted out “Blake thinks you like him because you hate whenever he brings up hes moving.”
which I can understand. But then Blake said, “No Casey likes you,” And I was a little dumbfounded so I just stared at them. But then when I noticed I looked away but not before I saw them like stare each other down. One time I was really cold in the cafe so Casey took off his jacket and offered it to me. I denied (being stupid) and because Blake was staring at me. What should I do? What’s up with Casey and Blake? Oh and it seems like they both have to talk to me at the same time. Like if Casey is talking to me Blake will be right there, or vise versa. Anyways thanks.

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You’re 14, focus on school, not dating.

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Time to call Hannah Montana.

I have nothing else to say other than do your homework and eat your veggies.

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It’s been a long long long time since I’ve been 14, much less a girl. As I recall, I don’t really think I had much interested in serious boy-girl stuff. Be friends, don’t worry about liking one or the other too much. Like the others here have said; think about school, not boys. There are many years left for that and you are only 14 one time.

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And don’t forget to pay more attention in English classes. There will always be Blakes and Caseys in your life, but now’s the time to learn how to write well.

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@gailcalled Me neva learned to right, and look how i turned out? ;-)

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@gailcalled, I <3 you.
Do what gailcalled said.

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@shilolo your crazy. ~

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If you were my daughter I would say ” Be friends with them and perhaps have them over for dinner and if your grades are up then perhaps you can go to a movie with them”...

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maybe they like you. You guys are friends and there are lots of strange things going on. Crossing the line of friendship can be scary and being torn between two guys is frustrating and fun at the same time.

Be sure that you get involved in activities and things to work toward your future goals outside of boys. Talk to someone you trust about your relationship issues.

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It sounds like they both like you. (Also sounds like Twilight.)

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It is like Twilight! :) That was one messed up situation. Bella coulda benefitted from some organized extra-curricular activity (outside of pursuing super-natural boyfriends)!

That movie is an awful example of a relationship. If I ever met any guy like either Edward or Jacob, I’d run the other way!

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Cute…brings back memories. Don’t bother. You’ll find as you get older, the female gender tends to mature at a much faster rate. When you’re in high school trying to decide what career path to take, I guarantee the guys in your class will still be giving each other wedgies (or whatever the tease fad is by then).

It’s best to wait now and, as the others have said, the focus your energies on school. What you do now in school will have life long implications, while any romantic relationship you have now will most likely fade.

Another reason to wait is your age. Fourteen year-olds aren’t famous for their sound judgment. Wait now – wait until you understand yourself more, and know what kind of guy you’re looking for. It saves heartbreak.

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either of these two, not any.. any is for more than two choices.

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I’m glad a majority of the replies are obnoxious and condescending, cause that’s totally “the spirit of Fluther.”
She’s 14, not an invalid. Probably a freshman in high school. I don’t see why so many of you felt the need to be disrespectful.

Anyway, we can’t really tell whether or not these boys like you based on the information you gave us. You need to be more direct with them if you wanna know. Keep open communication with them, ask them straight up if you need to. Or maybe someone close to them.

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@le_inferno Major kudos.

In my experience, men never want to be just friends, and if they’re both acting territorial over you (staring each other down, trying to speak over one another, constantly trying to be better than the other), then there’s a good chance they do both like you. Do you like one (or both) of them back?

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What @ella said, plus it’s Do either of these two guys…, if we’re on the subject.

14 is a tough age, that’s for sure. Be thankful for all the attention – some get none. Be nice, do your homework, eat your vegetables and respect your parents. Good luck.

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Chances are, that both boys like you and may even feel competitive about the other’s interest in you. While that is flattering and may be a boost to your ego, it is not something to worry about.

It is great to have friends, both male and female. Your future depends on you making good choices about where and how much to focus your attention.

@Gailcalled gave you good advice. She’s really pretty smart and wise. You studies will have more impact on the quality of your life in the future than all the Blakes and Caseys in the world.

At your age, the smart girls don’t invest too much time in concerns about boyfriends and dating. It is a small part of the many things you should be doing at your stage of life.

I wish you a happy and successful future.

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If I get this right, you like them as friends, and they both seem to like you as a friend too. If you do not know whether you have any other feelings for them, or know that you don’t, there’s no need to concern yourself about questions of those. Men and women can be friends without mixing dating into it, and so can boys and girls.

It’s ok to tell them this. :)

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