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Is there a post date protocol?

Asked by saranwrapper (2095points) October 17th, 2008 from iPhone

I’ve never been the play by the dating rules type only because I’m completely clueless.
I went on a really great date on Monday.
He sent an email (is that a sign of something?) that night asking if I got home alright. I sent back yes and then I texted (I hate technology but I’m a conformist) saying hi last night. So we texted back and forth a bit. He said he woke up sick the day after our date, asked how I was blah blah blah.
I’ve never been good at this whole not being an idiot thing, so fluther I appeal to you,am I supposed to wait fo him to call? Am I supposed to boil his daughters bunny?
Also just in case I did everything wrong already, what is the proper post date protocol?

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It sounds like the date probably went pretty well since he emailed afterwards and was willing to “flirty-text” with you. You should be patient and give him the opportunity to take the initiative. You should give him the chance to “be the guy.” Hopefully during the date, emails or texting you gave him a bit of encouragement like “I had a lot of fun hanging out with you. We should do it again” etc. If he’s interested, he will pick up the hint and pursue you.
If you don’t hear anything from him in the next few days it would be reasonable to send a “feeler” email to him. In the email you should make small talk and imply that you would be interested in seeing him again… If he still doesn’t go for it you are out of luck.

How did the first date come about? Is this someone you know fairly well or was it someone relatively new in your life? That might change the equation a bit.

(Take it for what it’s worth, but it’s coming from a guy)

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“Boil the bunny” No, unless you, somehow, are responsible for it’s needing to be boiled.

Forgot the feelers, hints, etc., what you think is a clear hint my not be received as clear at all.

If you enjoyed your date and believe he also enjoyed the date (seems so based on your limitied information), just ask him out if you want another one.

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Once again, I say do as you feel, and who cares about convention? If you want to call him, do it. Or email him. Whatever. I mean, if he is upset about you calling him and asking him out, then do you really want him, anyway?

If he likes you like you like him, it’ll work out. If he doesn’t, you can’t save yourself the pain of losing him no matter what you do.

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Based on what you’ve said, it sounds like he is interested in you and had a good time on the date. I think the communications that you’ve had with him sound perfectly normal…you haven’t done anything wrong!

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You could call him and inquire if he’s feeling better, under the guise that some sort of virus is going around. Ask him to meet for coffee.

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