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does caffeine cause anxiety?

Asked by nomtastic (974points) March 1st, 2008

i have been drinking coffee – 1 cup a day – for over 3 years. lately, however, i think it makes me feel anxious, not when I drink it, but about 5 hours later. i am resisting drinking more to calm it down, because this seems like a bad solution. also, please don’t tell me just to stop drinking it and find out—i know that’s one way to do it.

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Try 1/2 decaf w. your regular caffeine. See if it helps. As I aged, I had to give it up entirely except for an AM mug of tea. Coffee in the afternoon kept me up all night, which certainly made me not only jittery but anxious and fog-brained.

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Yes. Caffeine is essentially synthetic adrenaline. Maybe try drinking coffee with a full stomach of food to help dilute your body’s absorption.

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My boss is the reason for my anxiety…

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Lack of cafine causes anxiety….

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really? synthetic adrenaline?? then why does it have different effects in different substances (tea? coffee? chocolate?? drip coffee vs. espresso?)

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