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How many sexual partners have you had?

Asked by Spargett (5377points) March 2nd, 2008 from iPhone

Lets be honest on here, its the internet. Please post you age as well. There is no right or wrong, good or bad answer.

Serious answers only please.

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This may be hard to believe, but I honestly lost count years ago. I would say somewhere between 60 & 75. None of those numbers matter anymore. I’m 28 and now married, so whatever the number, there is only one that truly matters now.

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All those new sex questions… just couldn’t resist, huh? ;-)

6 or so, and for the record I got started waaaayyy too late, thanks to my strong Catholic upbringing. The EBF number is significantly higher.

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I am 35 and I have had 3 sexual partners

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I am 18 and have had 0. and plan on keeping it that way until i’m married.

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Sorry. I’m 34.

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1. I’m 17 and still with the same girl. If things keep up the way they are that number shouldn’t change.

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20 and 6. Which number is which should either be obvious, or reported to child services.

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25 years old with six under the belt. 2 were one night stands and all others were 6 month relationships or longer.

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Is it proper to “Kiss and Tell”?

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I’m 17 and I’ve had 7

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I’m 18 and I have had two sexual partners and they both people I loved

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whoa….well, I’m gonna be completely honest…....I couldn’t say, exactly…but, I can estimate…..
Well….I’m 35, single, lived in LA, Phx, SF Bay Area, Miami Bch….bartending atleast part-time in each city…..lost my virginity at 15…..
If I said 200 partners…......I’d be lying.
The number’s well over 200….

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Im proud to say at 19 that I waited intentionally until I was 18 to have sex with the man I’d been dating for three years. So the number is one and hopefully it’ll stay that way.

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21. 8 1/2 guys.

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I’m 42 and have had 15 partners and I plan on keeping it there! : )

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Just turned 18 last month. 3. All meaningful-ish relationships.

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I’m 21 I lost count but I would say somewhere around 35 but not all those people were full out sex most were just like 3rd base…. :-o lol

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I’m 21 I lost count but I would say somewhere around 35 but not all those people were full out sex most were just like 3rd base…. :-o lol

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didn’t know we were counting halves….

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24 and 8. But the same one for 2.5 yrs

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16 and none and plan on staying that way for a few more years.

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well technically it was sex, to me it just didnt count. that’s why he only counts as a half

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27 and 13 partners. Just one fatty.

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24 and 16 partners.

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To the sluts (let’s say 10 or more):

To what do you attribute your success? How did/do you negotiate keeping things casual (assuming you have). Do you regret your count or are you satisfied with the scope of your conquests?

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I have always got girls better looking then me, except for the fatty and not sure how. I’m happy with my number because most of them were relationships. I have been out of the dating scene for awhile. But I’m starting to get my game back now. So Im looking forward to rasing my number.

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17 and 0.. i believe in abstinence

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Lol@avatar irony.

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i am 29 years old and i have slept with 4 guys

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Somewhere between 50 & 60 squeezed in between two marriages and one serious 5 year relationship. Never been a cheater. I’ve been married for the last 22 years.

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