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Why does my dog do this?

Asked by lovemypits86 (564points) January 31st, 2010

i know my pitbulls aren’t the smartest but they love to eat cat poop it’s drives me crazy. i even bought a cat litter box with a hole on top to try to keep them out but not so much. they are on a very good diet and get plenty of exercise. i don’t understand it they don’t eat their own poop. and i know it’s not healty alot of my time yelling get out the cat box why do they do this and is there anything i can do to make it stop bc nothing i’ve done works

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Put the cat food up on a table or something…a washer or dryer will do! btw, all dogs do that…

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@BoBo1946 He said cat poop not cat food. You can’t put the litter box on a table. lol

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I believe all dogs do this, at least with my experience. You may have to clean the litter box several times a day to minimize the problem. @BoBo1946 I believe you misread the problem. I have done that several times myself.

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One of my dogs loved horse poop. She would run off into a field and proudly come back with a huge chunk hanging out of her mouth.

Don’t know why they do it. Perhaps it is a change in taste/texture LOL

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I started giving my boxer a little banana in his diet and he stopped raiding the litter box. I was told he was searching for potassium. For whatever reason, it worked, he doesn’t eat poop anymore.

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@pearls oh…well, put the litter box up higher! loll

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never though about giving them banana i have to clean the box twice to three times a day and when they are next to me their breath smells like cat shit lol

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@lovemypits86 loll..yikes! understood, been there before!

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Read up on coprophagy here.

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@mcbealer very interesting article!

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Poop contains about 25% undigested nutrients. Dogs can smell the undigested “food” and don’t seem to care that 75% of what they’re eating is poop.

Now, you don’t want to make it too difficult for kitty to get to her litter box, because cats are soooooo picky about such things. They make plastic enclosures for litter boxes, but doggy can still stick his nose in. They also make automatic litter boxes that automatically brush throuth the litter and scoop the poop into a sealed container every time kitty walks away. This is probably your best option.

If the litter box is in an out-of-the-way place with enough room, I suppose you could build a wooden enclosure that sets on top of it with a tunnel that kitty can walk through but doggy can’t.

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They do it because cat poop is high in protein. Sprinkle a product called “Forbid” – it is tasteless to the cats, but makes the resultant poop taste bad.

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You mean poop doesn’t taste bad without it?

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We cut a kitty door in our furnace room door where the litter boxes are. Yep, all dog’s do it, blech

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Get a baby gate for the room in which the litter box is kept.

Kitty can easily jump over and humans can undo & redo the latch when necessary.

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