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How do I go to Chinatown on Call of Duty Modern Warfare for Xbox 360?

Asked by xboxfan (110points) February 1st, 2010

chinatown in call of duty modern warfare? How can I do it? Is it a map pack?

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I have no idea…maybe this question would be better asked in a place like Yahoo Answers or a forum made for questions about Modern Warfare 2?

My apologies. My friends play the game but I don’t have an xbox.

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I believe that it is in the map pack, but if not, then it is an online only map. Some maps on call of duty can only be played across xbox live, so you would have to just play in matchmaking til you found it.

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You have to buy the map pack which contains Chinatown, Broadcast, Creek, and Killhouse. These maps are only playable online. Personally I bought a GOTY addition of Call Of Duty: MW and it came with a little leaflet with a code to unlock them for free.

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@Ame_Evil can you give me the code?

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It’s a one-use-only code.

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