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If i have the survival pack for Left 4 Dead on Xbox 360, will it stay?

Asked by xboxfan (110points) February 1st, 2010

Will it still stay if i go offline in xbox live?

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Have you thought about trying to play it offline?

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You will not lose the Survival update simply by going offline. I’m not sure if you can play survival mode offline, because you would be playing with bots, and I don’t think they have special infected bots on survival.

As @sweetteaindahouse said, just go try it. This isn’t really the place to ask this question.

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@sweetteaindahouse and @MebiByte It wont go back to, Get Survival Pack, right? Unless I delete the memory, right?

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@xboxfan Correct. You downloaded it once, so it should stay on your xbox’s hard drive.

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@MebiByte ok. thanks for the help!

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@xboxfan No problem. Try making your question look nicer next time by simplifying the topic question, adding more detail to the detail part of the question, and using correct punctuation and grammar. If an “i” is by itself in a sentence, you capitalize it.

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@MebiByte Oh, ok. Because I talk slang over the internet. But I can see that you can’t do that here?

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@xboxfan Fluther is a very tight community, and we lurve our people to us correct grammar and spelling. We reward that with lurve by giving Great Answers and Great Questions.

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