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What's a good appetizer to bring to a football party?

Asked by mollykate (6points) January 15th, 2007
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Seven layer bean dip with chips, chicken wings
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this is going to sound strange, but a big bag of those easy-to-peel tangerines.
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that or beer.
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I would say something easy to eat with your hands, as well as easy to share. veggie trays are easy for both! and you can pick them up at the supermarket for little to nothing.
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buffalo wings
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buffalo wings. no contest.
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pizza rolls are also a big favorite. easy to make too!
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clearly salsa or guacamole
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Salsa and Velveeta cheese dip (melted together) with Tostidos.
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Keep it hot in a fondue pot.
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Boy, does that sound good to me right now!
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Instead of just having velveta cheese and salsa dip with tostidos add some cooked hamburger meet to the dip before putting in the microwave. Yum
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Agreed on the chips and cheese dip folks. Also, pigs in a blanket (wrap pieces of hot dog or little smokies in strips of Pillsbury biscuit or croissant dough and bake).
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Pigs-in-a-blanket - whole wheat dough (I used to get it from Trader Joe's) makes it a healthier snack
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i'm standing by fruit. there's a moment, after about 10 buffalo wings, where you feel like you're gonna die and the only way you can feel better is to eat an orange.
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wings and beer

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