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Why is my girlfriend always tired?

Asked by Tenpinmaster (2920points) February 1st, 2010

Most times I come to visit she is always super sleepy and she says that she is getting a lot of sleep. What could be causing her to be so tired although she is getting the recommended amount of sleep per night. I know she helps her family out a lot and she isn’t on any medications. She sleeps about 6–7 hours at night and she would take a nap shortly after getting up in the morning. She says she sleeps better during the day then at night but she says she is not having any nightmares but has been recently waking up frequently for no apparent reason.

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maybe the quality of sleep she is getting is not so good. does she have alot on her mind, or maybe the mattress is in poor shape. does she take any medications. that too could be a factor. over the counter meds.

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exercise gives you more energy. it could be what she’s eating if she doesnt have a somewhat balanched diet. i used to be tired ALL the time. i never exercised and i ate pretty crappy. i dunno if that was why, but it makes sense that it would contribute to being tired all the time. also, what does she do during the day? if she’s sitting around and not doing much (like me lately), that tends to kind of drain you too.

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she’s just not that into you

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Does she like honey? Raw salmon? Long walks in the woods? This could be hibernation…

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@deni She is very active when she is awake and she cooks very healthy meals. She even makes me eat healthy foods when she cooks =)

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@Ltryptophan So im dating a bear? lol!

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@Ltryptophan Shes the sexiest bear i’ve ever seen then lol!!

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maybe she is depressed

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See if you can get her active in preventing forest fires.

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@slick44 Thats what I was thinking but its hard to gauge someone else’s emotions without being them. She is happy when she is with me but she is also very tired.

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There could be a lot of reasons why from the mundane to the serious.

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@JONESGH I hardly think that is the issue, but I appreciate the response.

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Vitamin B deficiency…take some b12

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@Ltryptophan So what are the various vitamins which help with your energy level?

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Is she on the heavy side? maybe she has a sleep disorder . . . sleep apnea or narcolepsy which can cause excessive daytime sleepiness. Consult with a doctor about diagnosis and treatment.

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Maybe 6–7 hours a night isn’t enough. Some people need 8, others 9, others 10, etc. I, myself, need 10 hours a night, which is a gigantic pain in the ass in terms of wasted time, but it’s what my body needs. I asked a doctor about it and he told me it was totally normal for people my age.

Also, she make have a sleep disorder that’s affecting the quality of sleep while she is sleeping. I suspect I have one because I never wake up feeling refreshed and I get tired pretty easily. However, I don’t exercise that much and that could be part of it, too.

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Are you sure she is not just tired of you?

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6 or 7 hours is not a lot of sleep. How old is she? Most teenagers need at least 9.

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@Tenpinmaster B vitamins would be helpful, Vitamin C and zinc since it will help prevent any illness that might drain your bodies resources, Just take an Emergen-C once or twice a day. Tropical is yummy.

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It could be the time of night she sleeps. The sleep you get before midnight is way better for your body than the sleep you get after. I feel very rested if I sleep from 8PM until 4:30AM but feel horrible if I sleep from 12:30AM until 10:00AM.

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@missingbite And I am just the opposite. It was lovely to switch to evening shift. Bed at 2 or 3 and up at noon.

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Maybe she gets too much sleep… im more tierd when i sleep over 8hrs than when i get only 6hrs

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I get tired too, and I’m wicked into my new boyfriend for all of you assuming she’s not into him. I get tired when I’m premenstrual and on my period, so that’s two weeks right there. When my boy comes over I try to push back my afternoon tea until dinnertime in hopes of staying awake for him:)
But you can count on me for extra good morning sex if I fall asleep too early the night before.

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I agree that 6–7 hours may not be cutting it. I think 8 hours is a healthy amount, but some people need even more. Is she getting restful sleep? Eating too late, watching or reading exciting things ( Law and Order and the news both qualify) and exercising too late can interfere with your quality of sleep.

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Maybe she feels controlled? Or judged? Makes a person want to “check out”.

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