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What kind of tattoos do you have, and why did you get them?

Asked by bulbatron9 (3712points) March 2nd, 2008
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Check out this sibling question w. 14 responses (from 5 months ago) re: tattoos. I am interested that similar topics keep reappearing…


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I have a bird on my right wrist so when my husband and I hold hands my bird kisses the bird on his left wrist. Also a b1 on my sholder for my brother that is AF.

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I have I love my mom in script on my shoulder because I love it mom.

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I have a lion chasing a rabbit on my ribs because I’m a Leo and my Chinese zodiac is a hare. I have a robot on my leg because I draw a cartoon about a robot. I have an envelope on my foot because me and my best friend would always write letters (and he has one too). I have a heart with arrows and an a in it because it was a symbolic thing. And I’m getting my last name tattooed gangster on my stomach cause I think it is funny! (btw I am a tattoo artist as well.)

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xacroz: i really like the leo/hare idea.

i guess mine would be a goat-ish creature and a hare.

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@allie: thanks, that’d be morbidly awesome. I’m going to draw something up just to see what it would look like.

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shitty homemade ones… cause I was drunk on tequilla.

great ones cause I paid for them.

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I have a frog on my lip, because I was called froglip by my classmates…

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